10 Gorgeous Rozel Products That'll Make Your Living Room The Envy Of All This Christmas

Living room makeover for Christmas? Yes, please!

Cover image via Rozel (Provided to SAYS)

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Christmas is right around the corner, which means it's time to start glamming up your home with all that festive decor, yay! :D

While you decorate the Christmas tree and deck your halls with tinsel, the festive season is also a great time to level up your furniture and home design.

With Christmas coming up, and New Year's right after, it's the perfect time to give your home a brand new look. Not only will you be able to take advantage of all the seasonal sales and promos, your stylish new pieces will also add to the festive cheer!

Looking to revamp your living room for Christmas? Check out these stylish pieces of premium furniture from Rozel:

1. Rozel Coffee Table with Ceramic Top

Hosting a Christmas party for your family? Cut down on the cleaning you'll have to do in your living room, keep the clutter away, and serve beverages to your guests in style with this masterpiece that comes with spacious storage.

Beneath the stunning ceramic top with marble detailing of this ingenious coffee table lies secret storage space! Simply lift the panels to reveal spacious hidden compartments, where you can store everything from remote controls and coasters to stationery and documents. And since the gorgeous ceramic panels easily lift up, this coffee table actually doubles up as an efficient work desk too.

Check it out in more detail here.

2. The Convertible Sofa Bed

If you've got little ones who always try to wait up for Santa every year, this convertible sofa bed is just what they need. Let them snuggle up all nice and cosy on Christmas eve as they wait, and if they fall asleep, you know they'll be comfy.

One effortless pull is all it takes to transform a movie night into an exciting sleepover. Perfectly balancing comfort and functionality, it's also extremely space-efficient, helping you keep your living room clutter-free. Plus, there's extra storage space underneath the chaise, and it even comes with adjustable headrests for maximum comfort.

Check it out in more detail here.

3. Portable Backrest Full Leather Sofa

This Christmas, sit back and relax in style and comfort, whether you're finally taking the time to read that new book your bought, or just lounging around at home taking a well-earned break.

Plush and sleek in all the right places, indulge in effortless comfort while lounging as you sink into the cushions. With its feather sensation material, which offers utter relaxation, this masterpiece is set to be the highlight of your modern living or entertainment area. The headrest can be moved about, so you can adjust it to your preference, or even remove it completely if you want.

Check it out in more detail here.

4. Rozel Sectional Sofa

Having a big family gathering for Christmas? With this sofa, there'll be no arguing over where to sit, 'cause everyone can make sure their own section is as comfy as they want.

For a plush leather sofa that you can personalise to your liking, look no further than the Rozel Sectional Sofa. Featuring extendable headrests and seats, as well as divided cushion backrests, you can adjust each section of the sofa to your liking.

Check it out in more detail here.

5. White Recliner Leather Sofa

Be it taking a festive group photo for Instagram or gathering everyone to open presents together, this leather sofa is gonna be your 'it' item this Christmas. Stylish and elegant, it can comfortably seat many, and you can even expand the seats for extra space.

From pop-out footrests to expandable seats, this recliner-style sofa allows you to effortlessly extend your comfort zone. Whether you prefer to lean back with your feet up or sit up straight with firm support for your back, the sofa can do it all.

Check it out in more detail here.

6. Rozel Home Theatre Sofa

It's not Christmas without binge-watching all those feel-good festive movies, hehe! And with this sofa, you'll feel like you're watching them in the cinema, making your Christmas movie marathon extra epic.

Enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home. Settle into this luxury full leather recliner and cue up your fave movie. Practical and functional, it comes equipped with power recliner, power adjustable headrest, concealed smart storage, and a built-in beverage chiller and warmer.

Check it out in more detail here.

7. Full Leather Power Recliner

When you need some alone time this festive season to unwind from all the gift shopping and preparations, sneak away and enjoy a private relax sesh in this full leather recliner that's perfect for putting your feet up.

Made for days when you're feeling lazy or in need of effortless relaxation, this creation is equipped with Rozel's signature power reclining feature, so you can find the most comfortable position and angle, all with a touch of a button. Put it in your favourite spot in the house to make your own personal corner to escape from it all.

Check it out in more detail here.

8. Rozel PowerLift Recliner

Following a long day of making sure everyone is well-fed with yummy Christmas food, treat the chef of the day to the ultimate relaxation experience in this recliner, which they can easily shift into different positions.

Made with genuine Italian ebel leather, enjoy effortless lounging in one smooth motion. The PowerLift Recliner lets you easily adjust to different angles depending on what you're doing — 150° for relaxing, 130° for watching TV,  or 110° for reading. And when you're ready to get up, use the Stand Assist function for a gentle boost to help you return to a standing position.

Check it out in more detail here.

9. Rozel Power Adjust-backrest Sofa

After feasting on a big Christmas lunch, you'll definitely need to sleep off the food coma, so you can eat even more at dinner, teehee. This comfortable sofa will have you snoozing peacefully, even while the kiddos are busy playing with their new toys.

Whether you're curling up for an afternoon nap, or settling in to binge-watch your favourite shows, you'll be super comfy on this recliner sofa. Move the backrests with just the touch of a button, then sit back and enjoy the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Check it out in more detail here.

10. 3XL Full Leather Sofa

With the whole family gathered together for Christmas, it's the perfect time to take memorable photos together. Using the perfect sofa as your backdrop, you can take stunning studio-style family pics that will be framed and displayed for years to come.

Creating the right combination of form and function, this simple yet sophisticated design will surely last for years to come. The full Muza leather upholstery and Power Recliner function, gives the sofa a minimalist appeal, as well as a refined, elegant style that oozes an evergreen appeal. This 3XL is typically longer than normal three-seaters, hence the name, and comes with power recliner and adjustable headrest.

Check it out in more detail here.

All ready for that Christmas living room makeover? You can browse through these stylish home products and more on Rozel's website, or head over to your nearest Rozel Showroom to take a look at the pieces in person.

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