Local Tourism Gets A Boost With These Government Initiatives. Here's What You Can Enjoy

In line with its tagline, "Coming Back Stronger," MOTAC hopes to revitalise the tourism sector, as well as support the livelihoods of Malaysians involved in the industry.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. 

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) has detailed progress of its initiatives, following Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob's declaration that the cabinet under his administration must prove its achievements within 100 days of taking office

Known as Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia (AKM) 100 Hari Ahli Jemaah Menteri, the initiatives are grounded upon six core pillars. This includes restructuring the economy and improvement of overall infrastructure in the country.

MOTAC identified three initiatives it intends to achieve under AKM, which began on 1 September.

In a recent press conference, Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri spoke about the progress of these initiatives, designed to rejuvenate local tourism and cultural sectors.

Here are the three initiatives:

1. The reopening of Langkawi, Kedah as part of a domestic travel bubble pilot project, followed by all other states in Malaysia

Status achieved as of 8 November: 100%

Malaysians were allowed to travel to Langkawi island, beginning 16 September. The news came when Ismail announced that the popular tourist destination was picked to initiate the travel bubble programme, in a statement on 2 September.

Through this programme, MOTAC's goal is to eventually reopen all 14 states to boost the country's domestic tourism and cultural sectors, done in accordance with criteria set by the Malaysian National Security Council (MKN), as well as permission from each state government. Fully vaccinated individuals are now free to travel interstate, besides being able to travel overseas for tourism purposes. 

2. An e-voucher redemption scheme for Malaysians to use on air tickets, hotel stays, local arts and crafts, and books

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Status achieved as of 8 November: 59.42%

A total of RM5,865,000 is allocated in the form of e-vouchers, which Malaysians can redeem from various airlines and hotels.

According to MOTAC, RM3,485,070 worth of vouchers have been redeemed so far. This covers the purchase of local books, as well as arts and crafts.

Here's what Malaysians get to redeem under this initiative:

- RM100 rebate from Malaysia Airlines
- RM50 rebate from AirAsia
- RM50 rebate from Malindo Air
- RM30 rebate from Firefly

Redemption method: Via each airlines' website

- RM100 voucher for four to five star hotels
- RM50 voucher for one to three star hotels

Redemption method: Through Shopee's Jom Cuti-Cuti Malaysia - Experience Malaysia Like Never Before

Arts and crafts
- RM30 voucher for handicrafts worth RM100
- RM500 voucher for visual arts worth RM1,000 to RM5,000
- RM1,000 voucher for visual arts worth RM 5,000 and above

Redemption method: Through the National Art Gallery's website

RM10 vouchers for local books and publications worth at least RM20

Redemption method: Through the National Library's website or e-book store, e-sentral

3. Increase registrations for Digital MYCRAFSHOPPE, a platform for local artists to grow as entrepreneurs

Status achieved as of 8 November: 100%

The Digital MYCRAFSHOPPE programme aims to expand the marketing reach of hand crafted products, which then contributes to the income growth of local artists who sign up.

MOTAC managed to attract 59 more participants than its target of 100 registrations. This achievement is thanks to online and media promotion, as well as in-person and virtual meets with local artists.

In line with MOTAC's tagline, "Coming Back Stronger", the ministry hopes that these initiatives under AKM will not only revitalise domestic tourism, but also help bolster the livelihood of Malaysians working in the industry

To further improve the tourism industry and those involved, MOTAC has also created a platform for Malaysians to leave feedback. If you have ideas, you can email them to [email protected].  

Find out more about MOTAC and its initiatives under AKM from their official website

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