Magnum Is Bringing 'Money Heist' Fans A Secret Message From La Banda. Can You Unlock It?

Pleasure seekers and 'Money Heist' fans, you could win exclusive merch from the show, like its super cool replica gold bars, plus other weekly prizes from Magnum X Money Heist!

Cover image via Magnum (Provided to SAYS) & @lacasadepapel (Twitter)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Magnum.

Remember when Magnum and Netflix partnered to surprise Money Heist fans in Malaysia with a special Sweet Goodbye bundle?

To recap, Magnum ice cream collaborated with Netflix to surprise some lucky fans around the country with a limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle — a box filled with decadent Magnum ice creams and a set of instructions to unlock a special Sweet Goodbye message from La Banda.

This sweet parting gift for Malaysian fans includes an online experience that pays homage to the popular series, which is slated to return on Netflix for its fifth and final season come 3 December.

Fittingly called The Sweet Goodbye, Money Heist fans and pleasure seekers will have to work together to unlock 3,520 individual pixels that will reveal a hidden message from La Banda.

The best part? You'll stand a chance to win a grand prize, which includes a super cool replica gold bar from the show, on top of other amazing weekly prizes. :D

Watch this video below to get a better picture:

The #SweetGoodbye online experience shows up best on your mobile phone, where you'll be prompted to go into landscape mode once you get onto the website

Before you start unlocking the Sweet Goodbye message, you can scroll down to read more about the instructions that La Banda left fans, as well as watch the trailer of Money Heist 5: Part 2 to better get in the mood of the entire experience.

Game on? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you unlock the secret Sweet Goodbye message:

1. First, tap on the login button, located at the top right corner of the main landing page

2. If you're a new player, register to start, or if you're an existing user, proceed to login with the details you used before

3. You'll see pixels that are available for you to unlock once you reach the main online experience interface

A limited number of pixels will be released each day, and on the left side of the screen, you'll find a timer that counts down to the next batch you can unlock. On the right, there's a magnifying bar, which you can slide to zoom in closer to view the pixels. 

4. Pixels with images showing means they have been unlocked, so click on any box with a yellow border to start unlocking a part of the hidden message

5. Once you select the pixel, just tap on the 'Unlock' button to start working on it

6. To unlock the pixel, you will need to rearrange the image by tapping each tile to swap until all the tiles are in its right place

Tiles that are in the right place will not be able to move. You will be able to see your progress and how much time you have taken to complete the pixel on the sidebar. Pixels which have been unlocked will reveal part of the hidden message.

7. Indulge in a delicious Magnum ice cream of your liking! :D

In the specially curated box designed with fans in mind, the limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle includes decadent Magnum ice creams covered with thick cracking Belgian Chocolate — what a true pleasure!

This exclusive box also comes with your very own Dalí mask, as well as a note from La Banda and a QR code to join the online experience.

Running until 12 December, here's how you can participate in Magnum's Sweet Goodbye:

Step 1: Buy any Magnum ice creams or the limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle, available from GrabFoodPandaLazada, and Shopee

Step 2: Visit this website or scan the QR code on your limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle box

Step 3: Receive your instructions from La Banda to unlock The Sweet Goodbye

And remember, you can also look forward to winning weekly prizes that feature exclusive Money Heist merchandise, besides savouring all your favourite flavours from Magnum ice cream. :D

So whatchu waiting for? Get your limited edition Magnum Money Heist bundle in conjunction with the season finale of Money Heist today!

Head over to the Magnum X Money Heist website to find out more

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