Feast On As Much Penang Food As You Can Handle At This Weekend Event In Subang Jaya

Try authentic Penang delicacies, right from the famous stalls!

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Following on from the success of their 'Ipoh Mali Street Fest' last month, Gamuda Cove is now bringing you a 'Penang Food Fest'!

Penang definitely has a well-deserved reputation for being a foodie heaven, attracting people from all over the world with its variety of yummy Malaysian food. It's THE ultimate destination in Malaysia to have an epic food trail.

But if the 5-hour drive is a bit too much for you, head on over to Gamuda Cove's event, where you can indulge in all your favourite Penang food, all in one place!

Here are all the event details:
Dates: 23 & 24 February 2019
Time: 12pm - 5pm (23 Feb) | 10am - 5pm (24 Feb)
Venue: Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery, USJ Taipan (opposite OCBC Bank)

No trip to Penang is complete without trying all its trademark dishes so prepare your stomach to have them all at the 'Penang Food Fest'

Every state has dishes that they're known for, and specific stalls that are popular for being the best-of-the-best. Penang is no exception and Gamuda Cove has ensured that you'll be able to try these authentic Penang delicacies, right from the famous stalls.

Here's what'll be available:

  • Burma Road Char Kuey Teow - Fried over a traditional charcoal fire, you can choose between the chicken or duck egg options, both of which are super yummy.
  • Penang Road Famous Asam Laksa - The laksa from here is known for still having tender chunks of fish meat in the tasty laksa broth.
  • Penang Road Famous Cendol - Dating back to 1936, this iconic cendol has been a Penang favourite for years. Durian and white coffee versions are available too.
  • Ah Soon Kor Hokkien Mee - You'll be slurping up every last drop of the rich broth, packed with delicious flavour of fresh prawns. 
  • Ah Soon Kor Loh Mee - Don't forget to add on extra ingredients like mantis shrimps, pork ribs, roasted pork, and more.
  • Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee - The best part is the awesome chilli paste that's served separately. It adds a fiery kick to the dish, making it super syok.
  • Ah Soon Fried Oyster - Filled with plenty of plump, succulent oysters and fried with plenty of wok hei.

With the pop-up photoboards featuring iconic Penang locations and street art backdrops scattered throughout the event location, you'll want to snap as many photos as possible

Brother and Sister on a Swing by Louis Gan is one of the most famous street art murals in Georgetown, Penang.

Image via TOH_TB (TripAdvisor)

Go on a "trip throughout Penang" as you take pictures at all the different landmarks!

Photo used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Flickr Hive Mind

There'll even be photobooths where you can take fun photos with your family and friends. Grab some props, choose a background, and pose away! You'll be able to immediately share the photos on social media or print out physical copies to keep as a souvenir.

There'll also be lots of interesting activities lined up to keep you entertained throughout the day

Try your hand at the different workshops where you can learn how to make dragon beard candy, lion dance puppets, or flour dough crafts, and get your fortune told for the year ahead via a tarot card reading.

The 'Penang Food Fest' is being held to celebrate the launch of Palma Sands, Gamuda Cove's first terrace homes

Image via Gamuda Cove

Step into the lifestyle of the future at Palma Sands, where the tropical-inspired houses were built with the feeling of freedom and the light of the sun in mind. Each of the four different types of houses are designed to welcome you home to a relaxed environment of lush greenery and waterscapes and let you unwind under the shade of tropical palms.

Image via Gamuda Cove

Don't forget to check out Maya Bay too, Gamuda Cove's all-new serviced apartments that's now open for registration of interest. Revolving around the theme of modern vibrancy with beautiful nature, Maya Bay exudes a bright and charming tropical mood, and is perfect for a cool and fresh lifestyle.

Bring along your family and friends to the 'Penang Food Fest' and enjoy an amazing weekend together on 23 & 24 February 2019!

Stay tuned to the Gamuda Cove Facebook page and the 'Penang Food Fest' event page for more updates and details!

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