Gamuda Land Is Running An Epic Photography Contest And You Should Totally Take Part

If you love taking gorgeous photos, this contest is for you!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Gamuda Land. 

Gamuda Land is launching a photography contest titled 'Through Your Lens', which will run from 1st January to 30th April 2020

This contest encourages the public and GL Friends (Gamuda Land's existing customers) to capture and share their experiences at Gamuda Land's developments.

Gamuda Land seeks photos that tell a story of the people’s experiences, customer or public, in any of its developments. Photos are meant to be meaningful and do not have to be professionally curated, so everyone stands a chance to win one of the many prizes to be given out!

With a total of RM668,000 worth of prizes to be won, anyone can be a winner!

What’s more, monthly first prize winners stand a chance to walk away with awesome GRAND PRIZES, which are:

- A unit at HighPark Suites, Petaling Jaya worth RM500,000 (for GL Friends); or
- RM20,000 cash (for non-GL Friends) 

Interested in participating? All you have to do is follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Gamuda Land Mobile App

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To be eligible to enter this contest, you first need to download the Gamuda Land app and register yourself.

Step 2: Look out for the theme-of-the-month

Each month from January to April 2020, there will be a new theme based on Gamuda Land’s brand values. The contest will start off with the community-centred theme 'Caring for People and Community' on 1 January 2020. This month, capture and share your memories of a real get-together that were made memorable by Gamuda's placemaking.

The theme for February is town-making, and is titled 'Being a Responsible Town-Maker'. Participants are required to showcase the components of Gamuda's town that were brought together for sustainable living.

Next, the theme which follows in March is design-innovation, with the title 'Designing Innovation to Create Value'. This encourages participants to be inspired by Gamuda Land developments' innovations in design and architecture that create value for a promising tomorrow.

Lastly, the theme for April centres around the concept of nature, and is titled 'Respecting Nature and the Environment'. You will be encouraged to capture the shots where you and nature come together harmoniously in Gamuda Land's developments.

Step 3: Head over to your favourite Gamuda Land developments and start snapping!

Image via Gamuda Land

With ample greenery, parks, lakes, events and activities, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win. Just head on over to any Gamuda Land developments with your friends and family, enjoy your day, snap a few memorable pictures and participate!

Tip: You can head on down to any these events happening as early as this week!

Chinese New Year Bazaar
- Date: 11-12 Jan & 18-19 Jan 2020
- Time: 3pm-10pm
- Venue: Twentyfive.7 Experience Gallery

Wintry Wonderland
- Date: 11-12 Jan 2020
- Time: 4pm-10pm
- Venue: Jade Hills Experience Gallery

Shanghai Street
- Date: 11-12 Jan & 18-19 Jan 2020
- Time: 3pm-10pm
- Venue: Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery

Discovery Park
- Date: 18 Jan - 9 Feb 2020
- Time: 10am-10pm
- Venue: Gamuda Cove

Step 4: Submit your best five photos here or upload them onto social media. (Don’t forget to include #sincereresponsibleoriginal & @gamudaland)

You can submit a maximum of five entries each month through Gamuda Land's microsite, or through Facebook and Instagram. Do note that the photos you upload should meet the requirements of a maximum of 5MB and a minimum of 1MB.

Tip: Don’t worry, your smartphone camera should meet the requirement!

... and stand a chance to win these attractive prizes!

Grand Prize (to be announced at the end of contest period): HighPark Suites (for GL Friends) and RM20,000 (for non-GL Friends)

Monthly Frist Prize – RM5,000
Monthly Second Prize – RM3,000
Monthly Third Prize – RM1,500
10 Monthly Consolation Prizes – RM300 each

If you’re a social media junkie and prefer to upload photos on Facebook or Instagram, then 'Through Your Lens' has a special category just for you. To be eligible, you only need to snap a picture at any Gamuda Land developments and upload it with the following tags #sincereresponsibleoriginal and @gamudaland to stand a chance to win RM250 (to be announced every 2 weeks!)

Gamuda Land will also be looking for the Most Meaningful photos on social media (to be rewarded RM500 also every 2 weeks!) 

What are you waiting for? It's that easy to win! Visit Gamuda Land now.

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