Ipoh’s Nam Heong Restaurant Has Hired And Trained 6 Robot Waitresses To Serve Customers

They're named after famous Asian celebrities.

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The future is here and now, ladies and gentlemen. Robots are currently being used by restaurants to serve and attend to customers.

Robot servers have been touted as the latest technological revolution in the F&B industry, and now a local kopitiam chain has jumped on the bandwagon, recruiting a fleet of walking, talking humanoid robots as waitresses. 

Nam Heong's outlet at Ipoh Soho created a buzz recently when it "hired" eight robots to serve customers

The red and white mechanical humanoids were added to help improve the quality of service at the outlet.

"Our intention of using the robots is to improve our service. We hope to cut down our customers’ waiting time by half from the present 20 minutes during peak hours," Nam Heong's assistant general manager Jacklyn Lim told Malay Mail Online.

A total of 10 robots were brought in from China - eight of them stationed at the Ipoh Soho outlet while two others would be based at its Damen Mall outlet in Subang Jaya. They reportedly cost 30,000 yuan (approximately RM18,467).

Running on rechargeable batteries, these artificially intelligent robots were programmed to speak in English and Cantonese although they are actually capable of conversing in 36 languages

According to The Star Online, the can say "Welcome", "Your food is served, please enjoy", "I'm in operation, please give orders", and "Excuse me".

The robots, Lim added, can travel at a speed of up to 60km per hour.

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If being served by robots has already made you excited, wait till you hear their names

They are named after famous Asian celebrities such as Dilraba Dilmurat, Hannah Quinlivan, Michelle Reis, Fan Bingbing, and Angelababy. So, technically, you can now be served by robot "celebrities".

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You can meet them at:

Address: Block B, 2-15; Ipoh Soho, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah, 30000, Ipoh.

Opening Hours: 8.00am to 6.00pm daily.

Contact Details: 05-246 0521.

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