GrabFood Is Now Delivering These Top 13 Local Restaurants To Your Doorstep

Skip the queue, save time, and save money with GrabFood!

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Ever tried to satisfy your food cravings, only to be met with traffic jam, parking problems, and a long long queue?

The thing about eating out in Malaysia is that if you want to makan at popular local restaurants, you’ll probably have to wait. That’s why despite craving for nasi kandar, you may think twice before leaving your house to brave the crowds.

Thanks to GrabFood, you can now enjoy these top 13 local restaurants, handpicked by Malaysians, delivered right to your doorstep

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Earlier in August 2018, GrabFood ran The People's Pick campaign, giving Malaysians the opportunity to vote for their favourite restaurants to be featured on the app. After gathering votes from over 5,000 users, GrabFood has brought on-board 13 local restaurants into the app, with many more to come.

Check out these restaurants now available with GrabFood:

Mont Kiara / Hartamas:

  • BreadFruits | 8.30am - 10pm | Non-halal
    As its name implies, this spot serves up tasty brunch options and a variety of fruits. Start your morning with a freshly-squeezed fruit juice, followed by their famous Brunch Pasta served with a perfect 7-minute soft boiled egg.

  • Solaris Café | 7.30am - 10pm | Non-halal
    This is your go-to kopitiam around Mont Kiara with an extensive menu of affordable rice and noodles dishes. Make sure to try their buttermilk pork dish, marmite pork rice, and teh ice. Feel free to also mix and match your favourite dishes from their economy mixed rice stall.

  • Ravi’s Banana Leaf | 8am - 11pm
    Here's where you can get your daily dose of roti, curries, and banana leaf rice. Their fluffy roti canai is a must-have, and don't forget to also try their sotong goreng and various mutton dishes.

  • Chi Mac | 3pm - 4am
    If you're looking for a place with good Korean fried chicken, look no further. Chi Mac serves up superior chicken dishes, including Gan Jang Chicken, Yang Yum Chicken, Kampung Chicken, perfect to be paired with their homemade Makgeolli.

KL City Centre

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  • Restoran Dapur Sarawak | 10am - 10.30pm
    This gem in KL serves up halal and authentic Sarawakian food. If you love rich flavours, you'll appreciate the thick sauces and curries found in many of their dishes. Try out their Kolo Mee Special, Sarawak Laksa Special, and 3 Layer Tea if you get the chance.

  • Apam Balik Nusantara | 4.30pm - 11pm
    You've not had apam balik until you've tried the ones from Nusantara. Enjoy crisp, fluffy apam balik with all kinds of fillings, made to order for every customer. Our personal favourites are chocolate banana and durian cheese!

  • Satay Capitol 1951 - Warisan | 3pm - 12am
    This place has been serving up satay to diners ever since 1951. The way they marinate their meat ensures that it stays tender and juicy, and you can only imagine sinking your teeth into these fragrant skewers of meat after a long day at work.

  • Soong Kee’s Beef Ball Noodle | 11am -10pm
    If you haven't tried this legendary beef noodles, you've been missing out on life. Enjoy tender beef slices cooked to perfection, served atop dry noodles along with an extra order of beef balls. Or if you want to be basic, the noodles with minced beef sauce is amazing even on its own.

Petaling Jaya

  • TNR The Real Charsiew by Sean and Angie | 9am - 8.30pm
    Previously known as My Toast N Roast, this place serves up some of the best charsiew in town. It literally melts in your mouth, and goes well with a generous serving of their wanton noodles. If you're feeling a tad bit guilty, just grab a bottle of herbal tea to wash it all down and you'll be alright.

  • Nasi Lemak Goreng Chef Fauzy | 6.30pm - 11pm
    Looking for something out of the ordinary? Try this fried nasi lemak, where they fry coconut rice with homemade sambal over a hot wok. The super spicy sambal itself is freshly cooked for 4 hours each morning. The nasi lemak is also served with a double-fried chicken that's crispy on the outside but still moist on the inside.

  • Lorong Seratus Tahun | 7.30am - 10.30pm
    If you're craving Penang street food, this place has it all, from curry noodles to other favourites like asam laksa, prawn noodles, nyonya laksa, chee cheong fun, fruit salad, lobak, and cendol. But if you can only order one thing, you've gotta go with the Penang curry laksa!


  • Chequers | 8am - 11pm
    Known for their generous portions, this is where you can get a variety of sweet and savoury waffle dishes, including a build-your-own ice-cream waffles combo. They're also famous for their mac and cheese dishes, especially the mouthwatering mac and cheese burger.

  • Santai Restaurant and Café | 12pm - 10pm
    This place has one of the best cucur udang around, along with a host of other awesome Malay food like Daging Goreng Daun Limau and Sup Ekor. For dessert, order a serving of the best Ais Batu Campur in town to end your meal on a sweet note.

With GrabFood, you get to try all these awesome food places in the comfort of your own home or office

What's more, you get to save time, skip the queue, and avoid traffic or looking for parking. The best part is you can even save money when dining from these top local restaurants when you use GrabFood.

Enjoy a RM10 voucher when you order on GrabFood and use the promo code: SAYS10

For more info on GrabFood, head over to their website today.

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