Grab Driver Refunds Money To Blind Customer Because The Trip Was "On The Way"

The driver insisted for her to keep the money.

Cover image via Mary Lim/Mothership

In Singapore, a mother recently shared about a Grab driver's act of kindness by giving her daughter a free ride

In a Facebook post which has since been taken down, Mary Lim said she had booked a ride for her daughter, Adelyn Koh, to be picked up from her school and sent home on 1 October.

According to Mothership, the booking was accepted by a driver named Goh and cost her SGD14 (RM42), which she had paid using GrabPay.

In her booking, Lim added a note to the driver to inform him that her daughter was visually impaired due to a rare congenital eye disease

Upon arriving at her daughter's school, Lim said that Goh was helpful enough to get out and personally guide the girl into the car. 

Adelyn Koh.

Image via Mary Lim/Mothership

But that's not all that happened. At the end of the journey, the driver took out SGD14 (RM42) from his pocket and gave it to the girl.

He apparently told Koh that the ride was "on the way" for him, anyway.

Lim told Mothership that her daughter was surprised by the kind gesture and tried to refuse the money. However, Goh insisted that she keep it.

"She came home with the money in her hand and asked me what she should do with it," said Lim.

Since then, many netizens have been commending the driver for his kind actions

We definitely agree. Mr. Goh, we have major respect for your heart of gold!

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