Singapore Guy Creates Epic Godzilla-Themed Home Cinema As Tribute To Grandfather

Even the toilet paper is Godzilla-themed!

Cover image via Helmi Abdat (Facebook)

Movie buff Helmi Abdat from Singapore recently shared how he set up his dream home and it looks amazing

Inspired by memories of watching Godzilla with his grandfather, Helmi turned his home theatre into a Godzilla-themed pad

"I was very close to my granddad growing up... We would stay up late watching wrestling and Godzilla all the time. I really miss him. We bonded quite a bit over Godzilla so I thought it would be nice to relive those moments with a Godzilla-themed room!", he wrote in a post on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits. 

Helmi explained that he DIY-ed most of the room while sticking to a budget by re-using old speakers, buying secondhand gear, and waiting for sales throughout the year

He set up two sofa rows, explaining that the front row can swivel around so that he and his friends can chat with each other once a movie is over.

Everything right down to the toilet paper is Godzilla-themed!

In the post, he shared that he has Godzilla-themed mugs, coasters, pillows, blankets, USB charging cables, plushies, statues, posters, tissue dispensers, lightboxes, a humidifier, a bathroom mat, a hand towel, original signatures of all three Godzilla suit actors, a guest book, Godzilla pens, books, toys, and more.

He also set up a Google Home Hub that cycles through his favourite Godzilla art.

"[My granddad and I] would go on so many adventures together, riding his motorbike to parts unknown. Went fishing all the time but failing most of the time. I even remember the time we couldn't catch any and tried to trick grandma by buying fish from the fresh market. Grandma caught on to it immediately, unfortunately."

Being a massive gamer as well, Helmi turned his gaming room into a Godzilla haven and aims to eventually set up a museum and bedroom in the same theme

He wrote that his grandfather had bought him his first-ever game console – the Micro Genius, which he has on display in his gaming collection, along with his Godzilla games. 

You can read his full post here

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