Our Male Colleagues Try Out Pole Dancing For The First Time

"I know I was born to be a pole dancer!"

Cover image via SAYS

They slipped, they fell, they groaned, and were anything but graceful. However, they were definitely amusing to watch!

Being sexy definitely ain't easy, guys! But the professionals at Viva Vertical sure make it look simple ;)

A huge thank you to Viva Vertical, for showing us that as tough as pole dancing can be, it is very attainable if you follow the steps and processes. After all, practice makes perfect! So if you're interested to join the ranks of some very strong and fit fellow pole dancers, definitely check out the classes available at the Viva Vertical studio.

Here are ways you can contact them: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Men like to say they can do everything. So we made them do everything... :p

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