Here's How A Malaysian Power Couple Is Trying To Help Us All Achieve Work-Health Balance

Founded by Harith Iskander and his wife, Dr Jezamine, this new line of health products aim to help with gut health and sleep quality.

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With our hectic and busy daily lives, it can be difficult to achieve a work-life balance, let alone a work-health balance

As we try to keep up with work schedules while also making time for our social lives, we sometimes overlook our health. Trying to do too much is a surefire way for us to burn out, which can not only result in tiredness, but also other health issues.

That's why it's important to keep yourself healthy, be it by making sure to take breaks, eating nutritious meals and exercising, or just taking the time to get some rest. Additionally, taking functional foods and supplements can also help to boost your health, in combination with all those other things.

Introducing the AEMIS series, which was created with the modern health-conscious person in mind to help you achieve work-health balance

The two products in the AEMIS series, PROBIOME and RELAZZ.

Image via SAYS

It consists of two products — PROBIOME*, which improves digestive health by restoring the balance of gut bacteria, and RELAZZ, a functional beverage that helps with sleep quality.

Serving as co-founders of the AEMIS series are Harith Iskander and his wife, Dr Jezamine. While many are familiar with Harith, who is most famously known as a comedian, some may not know that his wife is well-known in her own right.


Harith Iskander and Dr Jezamine Lim Iskander, co-founders of AEMIS.

Image via AEMIS (Provided to SAYS)

A scientist and entrepreneur, she is the CEO of Cells Biopeutics Resources. Holding a PhD in Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, she has successfully developed and commercialised stem cells therapy. For this, she received the Distinguished Woman Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Women Economic & Business Summit. She is also highly regarded in the medical and research communities in Malaysia.

Besides Dr Jezamine, a panel of nutritionists, healthcare experts, and medical experts have worked on the formulation of the products. Plus, they have gone through rigorous testing, including heavy metal, microbial, and drug tests.

"It was and is important to have a team of highly qualified experts to work together on bringing an effective and complete product to the people. As we are talking about the health and wellbeing of our customers, there is absolutely no room for error," said Dr Jezamine.

During the recent launch event in Bangsar, Harith and Dr Jezamine shared their thoughts about the AEMIS series

"We are delighted to have finally taken the next step in our quest to promote a work-health balance for Malaysians. While there is a wide set of issues to tackle for the modern Malaysian, we have identified that sleep quality and gut health are the most broadly applicable solutions to many of the health problems that we as Malaysians face.

"The stomach acts as a secondary mind, and our mental state throughout the day is very much influenced by it. Of course, a balanced diet will balance your emotions as well. Whatever we consume will affect our immunity, growth, and metabolism," said Dr Jezamine.

Meanwhile, Harith added, "It is understandable yet concerning that many people have now come to accept stress as a necessary part of life, to the point of just living with it. As a person who reduces others' stress as a profession, I always look for ways to take away the stress from people's lives.

"Moving forward, we have a few products in the pipeline that will enable the AEMIS series to provide more wholesome solutions to help Malaysians achieve their ideal work-health balance based on their unique needs."

For more information on the AEMIS series and how its products can help you, check out their Facebook and Instagram

The information provided is for educational and communication purposes only and it should not be construed as personal medical advice. Information published in this article is not intended to replace, supplant or augment a consultation with a health professional regarding the reader's own medical care.

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