We Asked Malaysians What They Actually Want In A Home. Here Are Their Answers

It's not just about size and location. :O

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What is the most important thing to you in a home?

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Most people will tell you that size and location are the top two things to look out for, but there are actually many other factors to consider when buying a property.

Nowadays, post-pandemic, the things that Malaysians prioritise have definitely changed.

We asked a few Malaysians what they really wanted in a home, and here's what they said:

1. "I would rather have a smaller unit that maximises every sq ft, than a big unit with wasted space"

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"While house hunting these past few months, one thing I realised is that a 900 sq ft unit with a good layout can feel even more spacious than a 1,200 sq ft unit.

"That's why I would like to find a home that is designed in a way that is functional and flexible. When a place is well thought out, that's 50% of the work done already. If a place is 'spacious' but poorly designed, it limits what you can do with the space.

"Another thing that I wish I could have is aesthetic common areas filled with greenery. A lot of units I've seen so far look nice on the inside, but the whole experience of walking from your car park to the entrance of your unit is important too, you know!"

- Justin, 31 years old

2. "One thing I cannot tahan is having to drive through a 30-minute jam just to get groceries, go to gym, or do daily tasks. That's why having basic integrated facilities is a plus point for me!"

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"The problem with where I'm currently staying is that though it's a central location, it gets really jammed, so even to get out of the house to go somewhere nearby, I have to allocate at least half an hour.

"This is the reason why I prefer staying at a place that has at least the basic necessities within walking distance, or better still, as part of the development. For me, I appreciate the convenience of being able to go downstairs just to grab a bottle of sauce or a pack of rice.

"If the place comes with amenities like a kindergarten, proper gym, clinic, and cafés, then even better."

- Chien, 35 years old

3. "I like to host people, so my ideal home should definitely have the space for parties and get-togethers"

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"I really enjoy hosting BBQs, watch parties, and hangouts with friends, but it's not as easy since I'm renting a place with other housemates.

"In the future, my dream home would be one that includes areas where I can host people, beyond the confines of my unit itself. Whether it's a big communal kitchen, open co-working spaces, or a movie room, these are the kinds of facilities that I would love to have in a home.

"For me, it's these little perks that makes a big difference."

- Anesh, 29 years old

All in all, what Malaysians value in a home is slowly shifting.

Beyond the sq ft and location, most people are looking for the convenience of having multiple areas to work, study, play, and relax.

With these things in mind, property developer ParkCity is staying a step ahead by introducing a project that meets the changing landscape of a post-pandemic lifestyle

Noöra's Floating Yoga Deck

Image via Noöra (Provided to SAYS)

Introducing Noöra, the latest addition to award-winning township Desa ParkCity since the pandemic. It incorporates a new holistic communal lifestyle filled with ample inventive working and social spaces, and is adorned with lush landscapes that promote a sustainable environment.

What makes it stand out is that the developer worked together with a world-class team, consisting of an architect, interior designer, and landscape and Scandinavian advisory consultant, to come up with the fresh concept of Desa ParkCity's newest landmark.

With about 50,000 sq ft net lettable area spread over three floors of retail, it embodies Convenience, Community, and Connectivity — values that are prioritised in all ParkCity developments.

Noöra's Retail Entrance

Image via Noöra (Provided to SAYS)

Crafted with young and millennial homeowners in mind, Noöra's design caters to a new urban living model where one can work or relax anywhere.

Designed with a post-pandemic perspective, Noöra features many private nooks and crannies throughout the building for residents to use, be it for work, study, or play.

Noöra's Co-working Space

Image via Noöra (Provided to SAYS)

Residents are also able to enjoy shared communal spaces that act as extensions of the personal living space. Besides the residents' co-working space, there is a communal kitchen and communal workshop to encourage social interaction and support e-commerce businesses for all demographics and generations.

The entirety of the project is designed with a minimalist mindset, a.k.a. living made simpleSo, while Noöra has smaller unit sizes, every corner is well-planned — functional yet aesthetic, with no space wasted.

Aerial view of Noöra.

Image via Noöra (Provided to SAYS)

Nevertheless, one of the biggest draws for Noöra has to be its location within the self-sustaining Desa ParkCity township

For homebuyers looking for an ideal, holistic living experience, Desa ParkCity is unrivalled in that regard. From beautiful greenery and landscape, to pet-friendly amenities within a maturing township, Desa ParkCity residents get the best of everything.

Noöra joins ParkCity's lineup of highly-desirable homes within the township. It was designed by Serie + Multiply, the same architects who came up with luxury condominium Park Regent, which sold over 80% of its units in just over a month.

Slated to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022, Noöra will be a 52-storey integrated development located on a 6.63-acre plot at the southern part of Desa ParkCity. It comprises two towers ranging from one- to three-bedroom units and a dedicated retail component.

To find out more, check out Noora's website.

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