What Was The Most Thoughtful Gift You’ve Ever Bought? These 6 Malaysians Tell Us

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Sometimes it’s not about what you buy or how much you spend, but the thought and meaning behind the purchase

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Even the simplest or smallest of things could mean the world to someone you love or to someone in need.

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But first, in the true spirit of the upcoming festive season, we asked Malaysians to tell us about the most thoughtful purchase they've ever made. Here's what they had to say:

1. The touching mother-daughter reunion

"I'm an only child so my mum and I are super close. It was quite tough on both of us when I went to study overseas for uni. Especially being apart on special occasions.

So one year I decided to surprise my mum by secretly flying home for her birthday! Skipping class and spending quite a bit on last minute flight tickets were totally worth it to have those few days together.

Also, her reaction was so priceless. She screamed the house down, hugging me non-stop and crying!"

- Gowri, 25

2. The meaningful yearly ritual

"I've been supporting an orphanage for many years. Every month, I make sure to set aside some money from my salary. Then at the end of the year, I kumpul all that money to buy school uniforms and school books for all the kids there."

- Budi, 35

3. A fangirl's best gift ever

"One of my closest friends from college is a HUGE Potterhead and has an ever-growing collection of Harry Potter merch. One year for her birthday, our whole gang chipped in so we could get her something super special: an actual replica of Harry's wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! To this day, she says it's the best birthday present she's ever received."

- Gwen, 25

4. Fulfilling a father's dream

"It's always been my father's dream to travel somewhere by plane, but he's never been able to afford it. I saved up for six months to buy flight tickets to China for both him and my mother. We both choked up when he called me from the plane before take-off to thank me for making his dream come true."

- Haikal, 32

5. Spreading the love for reading

"I've always had a love for books and reading since I was a kid. At one point, I volunteered part time at a public library. They didn't really have much budget to constantly update their collection with new books so I would occasionally use my own money to buy and donate some. Always felt really puas whenever I saw someone reading the books I donated."

- Esther, 26

6. The anniversary present

"My wife absolutely loves to cook. And not just for our daily meals, she genuinely loves to spend her free time trying out new recipes for fun, and even runs her own food blog. The kitchen is literally her happy place.

There's a whole bunch of stuff that she's been dying to make but can't because we don't have an oven. We recently moved to a new place and finally have enough kitchen space for an oven, so I decided to surprise her with her dream oven on the day we moved in."

- Bob, 30

Tell us about your own thoughtful gifts in the comments section below! :)

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