Hennessy Partners With Beijing Artist Liu Wei To Come Up With Limited Edition CNY Creation

"We both bring the world’s beauty to life through art: what we create is a contemporary expression of emotion."

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To usher in the Year of the Ox, renowned French cognac distiller, Hennessy, has collaborated with contemporary Chinese artist, Liu Wei, to design a stunning piece of art

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The Year of the Ox symbolises openness, talent, and confidence, all of which are qualities that Maison Hennessy wishes to channel through their significant partnership together with Liu Wei. 

Thus, Liu Wei was given carte blanche to design a memorable, meaningful Hennessy creation to herald an auspicious season that ushers hope, togetherness, and bright horizons.

Liu Wei is known around the world for his series of beautiful artworks in various mediums including video, installation, sculpturing, painting, and more

Image via Hennessy

The Beijing-based artist has always been heavily influenced by the instability and fluctuation specific to 21st-century China, particularly towards his country's physical and intellectual landscape. 

Over the years, Liu has become a significant presence in the global art industry for his insightful and stylistic creations.

In fact, he has been nominated and won numerous awards for his works, including but not limited to, the Chinese Contemporary Art Award for Best Artist in 2008, Award of Art in China in 2016, and many more. 

Diving deep into Maison Hennessy's history and cognac-making to design the Hennessy bottle, Liu Wei discovers that crafting barrels of cognac is an art, and it allows space for infinite imagination

When the artist toured the headquarters in Cognac, France, he was fascinated and impressed by the rhythm of life at Maison Hennessy. From the surrounding vineyards to the distilleries, and the Founder's Cellar, Maison Hennessy holds a rich, unique heritage of questioning, exploring, and perfecting a craft.

"Maison Hennessy is sort of a culture unto itself. In Cognac, I realised how much time and patience it requires crafting a barrel or perfecting a blend. 

"In a world where so many people work like machines, Maison Hennessy focuses on the excellence of the gesture. We both bring the world’s beauty to life through art: what we create is a contemporary expression of emotion," Liu Wei shared.

Following his eye-opening journey, Liu Wei conceived SPRING, an almost-kaleidoscopic painting that possesses a visual extension of Hennessy cognacs, along with an impartation of joy

Image via Hennessy
Image via Hennessy

The artwork embodies vibrant shades of fuchsia, blue, green, and yellow. With close observation, one would perceive the painting to be organic and spontaneous. 

In retrospect, Liu Wei depicts the artwork as the fruit of reflection and resistance, a gesture of self-expression, and a creative metaphor for the many directions one may choose to take in life. 

Besides that, Liu Wei also designed this beautiful Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Chinese New Year 2021 Limited Edition Deluxe bottle:

Image via Hennessy

The beautiful cognac bottle is donned with Liu Wei's chosen colour palette, expressing Spring's cheerfulness. 

Upon smelling the cognac, you'll notice some hints of vanilla, clove, and cinnamon, followed by the toasted notes of the aged oak barrels. In terms of taste, you'll get Hennessy V.S.O.P's iconic taste – the strength and smoothness of the cognac. 

Meanwhile, Hennessy has also released their Hennessy X.O Chinese New Year 2021 Limited Edition Deluxe bottle:

Image via Hennessy

Unlike other Hennessy X.O bottles, this edition gives X.O an aroma of candied fruit combined with a subtle hint of spice. Upon tasting, you'll also notice hints of cocoa, and a warm, fruity presence of X.O.

Hennessy wishes to celebrate Chinese New Year and illuminate 2021 with hope and joy

Additionally, you can also be part of Hennessy Malaysia's social movement by sharing an illuminating moment of yourself this year. Here's how you can participate:

1. Post two pictures on Instagram, one nostalgic photo of yourself from 2020, and another coloured photo of an illuminated moment coming into 2021 with hope and possibilities

2. Include these hashtags – #HennessyMY and #IlluminateCNY2021

3. Make sure your profile is set to public

You can get more cool and exciting updates on Hennessy's Facebook page

On the other hand, the Hennessy Chinese New Year collection is now available at major supermarkets including AEON, Ben's Independent Grocer, Giant, Jaya Grocer, Mercato, and Village Grocer.

You can also order them online. Check out the e-retail websites:

Hennessy V.S.O.P
- Boozeat
- Drinkies
- Malting Point
- Shopee
- Stay Thirsty
- The Good Stuff

Hennessy X.O
- Boozeat
- Malting Point
- Shopee
- Stay Thirsty
- The Good Stuff
- Wine Shop

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