7 Practical Tips To Help You Keep Your Kids Focused And Engaged During Online Learning

It's also important to keep them energised throughout the day.

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Even though school is virtual now, it's still draining and tiring. Plus, it can also be hard for kids to stay focused and attentive during online class.

Regardless of environment, it's important to keep kids energised and engaged while they do online learning. There are lots of ways parents can help their children do this, one of which is by making sure they start their day with something wholesome like MILO.

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But first, here are some tips to help you keep your kids focused and engaged during online learning:

1. Put your children back on a schedule

Since they've been at home and out of school for a while, your kiddos might be used to having lots of free time. Even though they'll be online learning from home, putting them back on a schedule will help them settle into a routine.

Sit down with your kids and draw up a timetable together. Make sure to include time for them to have fun too.

When your kids have a routine, they know what to expect and will be more motivated to attend online classes. Get them back into the habit of sleeping early and waking up early. Also make sure they mandi and have breakfast before class, so they’ll feel fresh and energised.

2. Help your kids prepare the night before

Just like you help them pack their bags when they're going to school, help them prepare everything they'll need for online learning. This includes their books, any handouts or homework, logins to Google classroom or other platforms, and the charger for whatever device they're using if necessary.

3. Keep their energy levels up with a good breakfast

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Keep your kids' energy levels up so they can focus better by having fruits and healthy snacks on hand.

Most importantly, start their day with a hearty, wholesome breakfast. If your kids don't really like eating big meals in the morning, keep their tummies full and their energy levels up with something simple like a cup of MILO paired with some bread and eggs. Check out more MILO breakfast pairings here.

MILO contains the natural goodness of malt barley, milk, cocoa, and essential vitamins and minerals, with only about one teaspoon of added sugar (sucrose) per serving.

4. Get your kids to join their online classes early

From slow Wi-Fi to mic and/or speaker problems, technical difficulties can and will happen. The last thing you want is for your kiddo to be late for class because of that, or worse, completely miss class.

Make it a habit for your kids to log on to class at least 10 minutes before it starts, to make sure everything is up and running. This helps them to be more punctual and responsible as well.

5. Teach your children good online etiquette

Even if your kids are super Internet-savvy, attending class online is different from simply using the Internet on their own. Take some time to talk to your kids about online etiquette, which includes habits such as making sure their mics are muted unless the teacher calls on them. You could also speak to the teachers in advance to find out if there are any specific rules they want everyone in class to follow.

6. Schedule online hangouts with their friends after class

One thing your kids definitely miss about school is getting to see and spend time with their friends and classmates. Talk to the parents of your kiddo's friends and schedule online play dates or hangout sessions for them. Let them talk, play, and just be kids. This helps to keep them happy and motivated.

Plus, social ties among classmates also have a positive effect on academic achievement. Try organising an online group study session for older kids, or simply encourage them to reach out to their classmates for help with homework.

7. Remember to let them take breaks, and don't forget to encourage movement

A huge advantage of kids doing online learning from home is that they don't have to sit at a traditional desk all day, which can be really hard for some children.

Being at home gives them the flexibility to try different things like using a standing desk, sitting on a gym ball, laying on the floor, and more. They can even try different options throughout the day, switching to whichever option helps them be more productive at the time.

Remember to give them time for breaks too, during which you should allow your kiddos to have some active fun. Get them moving so they're not just hunched over their devices all day.

One surefire way to help your kids stay energised and focused during online learning is by starting their day right with a wholesome breakfast

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Even if you don’t have much time to prepare breakfast, something simple like a cup of MILO paired with kaya butter toast and a side of fruits is yummy, filling, and nutritious.

A cup of MILO contains 124kcal, which is 6% of an individual's energy needs per day (based on 2,000 kcal). It also contains the natural goodness of malt barley, milk, cocoa, and essential vitamins and minerals, with only about one teaspoon of added sugar (sucrose) per serving.

Besides giving your kids MILO for breakfast, it also makes for a great pick-me-up to beat that midday energy slump. With all the same MILO goodness, a delicious, cold glass of MILO UHT is a convenient, hassle-free way to give your kids an additional energy boost to keep them going.

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Give your kids the energy to stay active and alert* with the goodness of MILO! Click here for some yummy MILO breakfast pairings.

*When paired together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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