6 Life Skills You Can Learn If You're Bored In Quarantine

Wow, adulting is fun... *cries in a corner*

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Do you think you're independent enough to survive the big bad world by yourself?

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There will come a day when you'll need to leave the nest and flyyyy like bird. A bird that has to start adulting lah. ;D

Adulting is no easy feat, and we all learn this the hard way. We all have different responsibilities, whether it's properly maintaining your own car, or keeping track of your finances - the list is endless. 

We've highlighted a few essential skills you should know if you wanna live that independent lifestyle:

1. If you own a car or motorbike, now is the best time to know it inside out

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I know, it's soooo easy to send your vehicle to the workshop and let them deal with it, right? But imagine how much money you'll save if you're able to fix any minor problems that occur, and trust me they WILL occur.

You need to regularly check your brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid, and the radiator reservoir levels. Keeping your tyres in check by pumping them with the right amount of air and knowing how to fix a punctured tyre is another step further. You should also be aware about the meaning behind those warning symbols that appear on your car dashboard.

Here's how you can learn this skill: 

This Malaysian uncle has a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing cars from a driver's perspective, and providing tips and tricks for car maintenance.

Uncle Khong even has a YouTube playlist titled Driving Tips & Car Maintenance Advice filled with informative videos, from jump starting your car to checking your car tyre pressure. He explains it all with layman terms and he has such a happy-go-lucky personality. Go check him out and you'll learn the basics in no time!  

2. Still don't know how to file your income tax? We've got you covered.

Attention working adults, this one's for you! If your annual income is over RM34,000 per year after EPF deduction, you gotta register at Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN). Don't even think about 'forgetting' to file your income tax, as it is a punishable offence under the law. 

Here's how you can learn this skill:

If you're a noob when it comes to taxes, check out our ultimate guide on filing your income tax for the first time. You can thank us later. ;) 

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3. When it comes to cooking skills, anyone can cook!

Yes, the existence of food delivery services have made it significantly easier for us to get our daily dose of sustenance. But you'll soon find that ordering food every day can be a real strain on your finances. Learning how to make a few dishes will be a useful skill, and you'll even have leftovers for the next day.

Another great thing about cooking is you can make aaaanything your heart desires. Got cravings for Indian food? Whip up some chicken curry. Or maybe you're in the mood for something soupy? Cook your own steamboat tom yam, mmmm so tasty. Go wild with your creations, maybe all that MasterChef binge-watching will finally pay off. :P

Here's how you can learn this skill:

Need some inspiration on what to cook? Follow Seismik Makan on Facebook and Instagram for new recipes every week!

Seismik Makan features delicious dishes, from western cuisine like fish and chips, to local delicacies like laksa Johor. :D  With easy to follow step-by-step guides on how to make these yummy meals, you'll be able to replicate them and enjoy mouth-watering food.  

4. Instead of buying produce, why not develop a green thumb and try growing them yourself?

That's right, you can become your own supplier of produce by growing your own vegetables! You can grow 'em in your garden patch, or get ahold of gardening pots, soil, and a mini shovel and start planting those seeds inside the earth.

Here's how you can learn this skill:

While you won't be able to grow specific types of produce due to Malaysia's climate, there are some plants you can grow.

Check out our article on growing mint leaves, pandan leaves and lemongrass, and you'll find that these plants can be used for other purposes aside from cooking.

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You can learn to grow other greens like cilantro, curry leaves, cili padi, and garlic, right on your balcony.

5. You need to know how to apply for jobs, from crafting an impressive job application email to sprucing up your LinkedIn profile

Sending in job applications SOUNDS easy - that is, until you actually start doing it. There are many aspects you need to consider before writing a resume, such as: What kind of jobs am I looking for? How many applications should I send out? Do I need to tailor my resume according to each job? What achievements and skills should I highlight?

Only the attractive and well-thought-out applications get noticed by employers, hence it's important for you to dedicate time in coming up with a proper job application.

Here's how you can learn this skill:

Check out #HireMeLah, the series that brings you the best tips to advance in your career. 

This series includes an article about coming up with a solid job application email that is sure to impress recruiters.   

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You can also create a stellar LinkedIn profile by following these 7 tips provided in this article! 

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6. Manage your money wisely for expenditures and savings

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Once you start earning a monthly income, how do you intend to use your salary? Do you a) splurge it all on everything, or b) save everything and starve? We don't recommend either one of those extreme cases, as there needs to be a balance in how much you spend and how much you save. 

Here's how you can learn this skill: 

Some recommend saving up to 10 - 15% of your salary each month. Others have adopted the 50/30/20 rule, which means 50% for essentials, 30% for recreation and entertainment, and 20% for savings.

However, you get to decide which method works best for you, since this financial advice may not apply to everyone. Create an Excel sheet and list down your expenditures, and try to move forward from there.  

We've highlighted 7 ways you can save and grow more money in 2021, read on to find out more.

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Since we're all spending most of our time indoors anyway, what better time to learn these skills than now?

These are just the tip of the iceberg y'all. But don't let that get you down, know that these life skills may even save you hundreds of ringgit, and benefit you in the long run. Personal growth FTW! :D 

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