Hermès Released A RM186,000 Leather Mahjong Set Perfect For Your 'Crazy Rich Asian' Needs

So bougie.

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What if we told you that you could own a mahjong set that will win the approval of all your Chinese aunties at every future family gathering to come?

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French high fashion house Hermès has just released a RM186,000 leather-bound mahjong set that will leave anyone in awe

The Helios mahjong set.

Image via Hermès

Named 'Helios', this mahjong set ditches the conventional green and white, and comes instead in gorgeous, dark palisander wood

The tiles are also printed in full Swift calfskin - the signature soft and smooth leather that the luxury brand is only too famous for.

According to the Hermès website, the 144 leather tiles will only make a gentle sound when knocked against each other, as opposed to the traditional noise, which sounds like "squabbling sparrows", the namesake of the game in Chinese.

Although it comes at a hefty RM186,000 price tag, this meticulously handcrafted set could be the best bougie gift ever

Already available for delivery in Malaysia, purchases online will be delivered in an orange box tied with a fancy Bolduc ribbon.

You can even include a card with a personalised message during checkout!

If you feel like splurging, get your very own Hermès mahjong set here.

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