Here's How Old Fast Food Menus In Malaysia Used To Look Back In The Day

KFC used to sell beer. :O

Cover image via WinstonMY/Reddit & malayantiger/Reddit

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1. KFC

In January 1973, KFC opened its first outlet in Malaysia along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman with its name spelled out, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Today, there are over 600 outlets in Malaysia alone. 

KFC's first outlet in Malaysia.

Image via KFC

But what's interesting is its menu back then, which had items including teh cina, banana split, and even beer like Carlsberg, Anchor, and Guinness Stout!  

2. McDonald's

McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Malaysia along Jalan Bukit Bintang on 29 April 1982 and in 1988, it opened its first drive-thru along Jalan Pahang (Titiwangsa). 

Today, the Bukit Bintang outlet still stands as an iconic landmark in the heart of KL.

Back then, you could get a beef burger for just $1.50 (Ringgit only replaced the dollar sign in 1993). There was also hot chocolate on the menu! Not just MILO, but HOT CHOCOLATE. *yum*

And yes, once upon a time, there was McDonald's McRendang! :O

Image via Lowyat.NET

3. Shakey's Pizza

Shakey's Pizza was one of the first few international pizza brands to open in Malaysia, with crowd favourites like its mojo potatoes and crunchy, buttery garlic bread. 

We couldn't find a photo of the inside of its menu, but we did find this nostalgic photo shared by a blogger in 2007 taken at its outlet in Cheras LeisureMall:

Image via ipohwav3

Someone shared a picture of this old sign board of the Ampang outlet several years ago:

4. A&W

In 1963, the Lie Boff family opened the first A&W outlet in Malaysia on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. They made Malaysian history, as it was the first ever international fast food restaurant in the country.

You can still find many of its popular items on the menu today, like its waffles, vanilla sundae, as well as its root beer and root beer floats (now known as RB). 

Here's a photo of the menu at A&W's drive-thru branch in Petaling Jaya taken by blogger, Dish With Vivien, in 2009:

Image via Banej/Wikipedia

5. Papa John's

Papa John's first hit Malaysian shores in 2009, brought in by Berjaya Group. 

There was no official statement about its closing, however, all outlets in Malaysia have since shut down. 

Image via klchin/Blogger

It served everything from pizzas, to soups, desserts, and pasta. You could also add on dipping sauces with your pizzas for RM1 each.

Image via Zomato
Image via Zomato

6. Wendy's

Wendy's first opened its outlet in Malaysia back in the 1980s. But it didn't stick around for long. It made a comeback in 2008, with outlets in Sunway Pyramid, Jaya One, and in other parts of Malaysia. 

But by 2019, every outlet in Malaysia had shut down one by one.

Wendy's menu certainly stood out from other fast food restaurants, with items like freshly baked potatoes and chili. It also sold ice cream cones for around RM1, as well as floats and shakes that were all under RM4.

Image via Brand Eating
Image via Brand Eating

7. Hartz Chicken Buffet

If you were super hungry or were in the mood for chicken, Hartz Chicken Buffet was the go-to spot offering an "all you can eat" buffet for around RM24. 

You could find chicken cooked in so many different ways here!

Sunway Pyramid branch.

Image via Hartz Chicken Buffet (Facebook)

Although all of its outlets in West Malaysia have since shut down, it still exists in East Malaysia.

This photo taken in December 2020 shows that the price has not changed too much, with the buffet costing around RM25.90 per adult:

8. Yellow Cab Pizza Co

Based in the Philippines, Yellow Cab opened its first outlet in Malaysia along Jalan Raja Abdullah in 2008. It later opened several more outlets around Klang Valley. 

Unfortunately, the business was unable to sustain itself and has since shut down its outlets in Malaysia. But it's still operating in other countries, including Singapore.

It specialised in pizzas, but it also served hot wings, spaghetti and meatballs, among others.

9. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut opened its first ever outlet in Malaysia in 1982 at Plaza Yow Chuan, where Intermark Mall now stands. To date, it has around 400 outlets nationwide, and is apparently listed among the top largest food chains in Malaysia.

We couldn't find its old menus, but these photos definitely unlocked memories for us.

Anyone else remember how almost every outlet had a salad and soup bar island?

Image via 88razzi
Image via 88razzi

If you don't remember that, you might definitely recall this iconic Pizza Hut advertisement from the '90s that got stuck in all of our heads:

Or if you can remember the even older one... 755-2525! :D

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