8 Professional Tips To Bring The Minimalist Wedding Of Your Dreams To Life

Less is more.

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Minimalist weddings are gorgeous, chic, and modern. But how do you create a "less is more" concept without being too bare?

We spoke to The Next Big Thing, a KL-based company that specialises in planning, styling, and designing minimalist weddings.

UFai and Shyyi's wedding was the perfect combination of rustic and glamorous.

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The Next Big Thing is run by husband-wife duo UFai and Shyyi. After they put together their own gorgeous wedding back in 2016, they started getting requests to style their friends' weddings.

This inspired them to start The Next Big Thing, and the rest is history. Believing that less is more, they specialise in minimalist weddings. Their set ups are cosy and intimate, without losing the luxurious touch that will make your big day beautifully memorable.

Here are their top tips on how to pull off the minimalist wedding of your dreams:

1. When it comes to colour schemes, opt for earthy tones

Gravitate towards more neutral and earthy colours like brown, green, and white. But at the same time, you shouldn't feel limited by these options. If you have a favourite colour or an ideal colour scheme in mind, by all means go for it!

Bold and/or loud colours can be minimalist too, as long as you balance out the colour combination and make sure not to overdo it.

2. Forget about symmetry and uptight arrangements for the flowers

Opt for a mixture of wild and fresh flowers in a loose and wild kind of arrangement instead. This applies to everything from the bride's bouquet and the bridal party's corsages/boutonnieres to all the floral decorations around the venue.

3. Dress the bridesmaids in something simple, yet classy

Stay away from anything too loud or fancy, the last thing you want is for your bridesmaids to stand out like a sore thumb. It's best to stick to tones within the earthy colour range.

Sage (a light shade of green) is currently a pretty hot and trendy colour!

4. Focus on one main highlight and make it memorable

Rather than having decoration strewn about everywhere, you should instead focus on one corner and make it really stand out. And it really doesn't take much to achieve this, you can even just have one statement piece.

Always ensure there's a focal point that makes a bold statement in its simplicity. A hanging garland, an arch, or a couple table are all great examples of this.

5. Best locations for a minimalist wedding include bare event spaces, gardens, and industrial spaces

According to Shyyi and UFai, outdoor locations are still the most popular wedding venue. For minimalist weddings, look for spaces that are as bare as possible, such as an empty warehouse or a stripped down hall.

These kinds of locations with lots of white, empty space function well as a blank canvas. They allow for maximum creativity to transform the space, as you can basically do anything with it and everything will stand out.

6. Pick just one theme/style that you love and stick to it

We're often greedy when it comes to the things we love, and end up wanting our weddings to have a little bit of everything. We tend to like one style, then want to blend it with something else, and add a tinge of yet another style.

Eventually, things end up looking messy and the theme you were going for in the first place gets lost. Shyyi and UFai's advice is to pick just one theme and focus on bringing it to life in the best way possible.

7. Skip unnecessary details like props, guestbooks, trinkets, and superfluous decorations

Choose something versatile as the central focus. For example, having a simple statement arch as the highlight of the wedding. It works for both the vow ceremony and can also double up as a pretty makeshift "photobooth" for guests.

8. Go for something practical and generic as the doorgifts

Shyii and UFai note that most of the time, guests tend to leave the door gifts behind. She suggests giving people something generic and practical that they can actually use, to avoid unnecessarily wasting money on something that's just going to end up being left on the tables.

For more wedding inspo and help bringing your dream minimalist wedding to life, check out The Next Big Thing

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