These Kids' Parties Are SO Elaborate You'll Wish You Were Adopted By Their Parents

Ain't no party like a kid's birthday party!

Cover image via @mint_events/Instagram

Remember when the best birthday parties were held at fast food outlets?

The typical lets-take-a-photo-with-the-cake group birthday picture.

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Those days are OVER. Bring on the extravagant, fancy, lavish parties. The more frills the better!

1. We can already hear the collective cries of all the girls wishing for their Barbie dreams to come true

2. Whoever Mischa is, many little (and not-so-little) girls wish they could be her right now

Even the carefully thought-out, detailed snacks and finger food are too pretty to eat!

3. There better be some hula dancing action happening at this Hawaiian-themed party

4. Must-haves at a Hawaiian birthday - pineapples, tropical birds, colourful raffia skirtings, and of course, birthday girl/boy's own special throne

5. When you can't go to a zoo, so they bring the zoo to you #dontbejealous

6. Better yet, bring the safari to you! #hatersgonnahate

Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy

7. Owen Grady and his raptors buddies can only dream of having this dino-themed party...

...with a tongue-in-cheek, cleverly named food menu

8. Someone's gotta keep the cookies away from the Cookie Monster

9. When you didn't choose the Disney life, the Disney princesses chose you

10. The party that will leave you feeling blue (in a good way)

Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy

11. A princess party fit for a queen #blessed #totallyroyalty

12. If you liked it, then you shoulda put a tiara on it ;)

13. Whale, whale, whale... Let's sea what we have here. Buoy, don't think we cod do batter.

14. Plot twist: The kid gets a real life car at age 2

15. Maybe fairy godmothers do exist after all...

16. You think your beach party can beat this beach party? #beachprease

17. The person who chose the colour scheme did a grape job!

Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy
Image via Decor Fairy

18. All is well when you have your very own floor-to-ceiling personal healthcare companion

A giant Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

Image via @mint_events/Instagram

19. This is just how we imagined it would be if Pinterest came to life


21. Kung Fu Panda's Po is the only kind of Po Po you don't mind crashing your birthday party

22. Did you hear how fun this circus party was? It was in tents! #sorrynotsorry

23. This party is so cool, the kids will never let it go (har har har)

24. Caution: Fun times ahead. This is not a drill.

25. Why not have a fashion show instead because parties are too mainstream #datrunwaylife

Before you get too depressed now looking at these photos, you're never too old for a fancy party!

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Also, try not to give your parents too much grief for not planning a lavish party for you hehe.

We all know a great party is not complete without a photo booth! Guests love a good memorabilia. ;)

But, before you start planning that party, make sure your baby's got some great shots from these photographers: