This Fashion Institute In Indonesia Takes Muslimah Fashion To A Whole New Level

Islamic Fashion Institute Indonesia is the first institution in Indonesia to specialise in Muslimah fashion.

Cover image via @islamicfashioninstitute (Instagram)

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Spearheading the innovative Muslimah fashion industry is the Islamic Fashion Institute Indonesia, with their harmonious synergy of modesty and fashion trends

Founded in 2013 by three of Indonesia's renowned designers, Irna Mutiara, Nuniek Mawardi, and Deden Siswanto, Islamic Fashion Institute has been producing innovative Muslimah fashionwear, all of them designed by their very own talented students.

From creating designs based on historical buildings to environmental events in Indonesia, there's certainly no shortage of creativity in their breathtaking lines of modestwear.

On that note, let's take a look at 10 beautiful modestwear designs created by their students that caught our eyes:

1. Agnesa Dwi Rahmi's Héritage collection — Inspired by a famous monument in Paris, Arc De Triomphe, this casual classic collection features the unique motifs of flowers within boxes, set on warm tones of brown

2. Vannisa Putriani's Multifaceted collection — This ready-to-wear series, based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), displays a retro casual style that captures the outgoing essence of the ENFP personality type

3. AFRIANDA's Cordoba collection — Heavily-inspired by the historical building of the Cordoba mosque, which is now a cathedral, this series adapts its architectural elements into the design

4. Anggiasari Mawardi's Abience collection — This sporty casual series, emphasising on androgyny and fabric deconstruction, is based on humanity's anxiety of the future's technological advancements

5. Eka Risky's New Battlefield collection — This unisex series is inspired by the shapes and colours of a military hospital that has become a 'battlefield' for frontliners during the COVID-19 pandemic

6. @vira_ftn's Donna Tasta collection — This neo-medieval collection is inspired by the story of Nusaibah binti Ka'ab, an Islamic icon who fought during the battle of Uhud with a bow and arrow on her loyal horse

7. Ralifiaa's Alife collection — This series takes inspiration from famous icons like John Lennon and Albert Einstein, who struggled with dyslexia but despite it, rose through adversity to achieve success

8. Anggraenyseptia's IRONIE collection — Influenced by Karawang's 2019 oil spill tragedy that polluted the sea, this collection used the oil spill as a motif via digital printing

9. TIFAÉLVIRA's Selembayung collection — This series features the iconic Malay Riau's selembayung architecture by combining unique heritage with modern elements through embroidery

10. Nada Mulya's Tanah Minang collection — The designs are inspired by two different cultures of Minang and Dutch featuring clay batik from Minang origins, with Dutch fashion influences

Meanwhile, this talented Malaysian artist created an outfit made out of... human hair:

These Malaysian artists are saving the environment, one fashionable step at a time:

Another Malaysian artist made headlines with his wayang kulit design: