This Japanese Company Invented A Bread Scanner That Scans & Calculates Price Automatically

'Bakery Scan' can recognise up to 10 items per second.

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Japanese businesses prefer to avoid wrapping their pastries in plastic and putting barcodes on them because it makes them look less attractive and less fresh

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To combat this problem, Tokyo-based company Brain developed a 'Bakery Scan' that can recognise baked goods without needing a barcode

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Customers place their tray onto the white platform, and the black scanner will automatically recognise the items and tally the price on the cashier screen

According to Bakery Scan's website, the scanner can identify up to 10 items in one second. 

In a video by Ikinamo, Brain Development Manager Kazuyoshi Tajika said staff will no longer have to memorise the names and prices of each item, so lines will move a lot faster.

Although the software has been in use since 2017, a post on Facebook recently went viral as tourists were amazed by the hands-free scanner. 

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A few years ago, Toshiba developed a similar product for grocery checkouts

According to SoraNews24, the scanner was so advanced that it was able to tell the difference between a Fuji apple, a Jonagold apple, and a Mutsu apple - something us humans even have trouble with.

The scanner is currently still in development as Toshiba is in the process of expanding its database.

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