Get Creative With Your Lunchbox And Win Exciting Prizes With Projek Mangkuk Tingkat

Bring home Le Nona sets worth RM1,234! :o

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Isn't making meals with creativity a thing now?

Image via My Resipi

You've probably admired those beautifully packed meals people make for their family and loved ones. But did you know that behind the aesthetic appeal, there's a powerful way to save the environment, cut costs, and maintain good health?

Introducing Projek Mangkuk Tingkat — a revolutionary initiative to reshape how Malaysians approach their daily meals.

Projek Mangkuk Tingkat, a joint initiative by MyResipi, WOWSHOP, and Le Nona, is here to inspire Malaysians to ditch single-use packaging and rediscover the joy of bringing homemade food! <3

Image via My Resipi

This month-long campaign, running from 1 to 31 July, features four main videos uploaded weekly on the MyResipi Facebook page.

Projek Mangkuk Tingkat, which translates to Tiered Lunchbox Project, symbolises a shift towards a healthier lifestyle, a greener planet, and a stronger community. 

Here's why packing your own meals is important:

Packing your own meals ensures balanced, portion-controlled dishes with fresh fruits and vegetables, promoting long-term health. By controlling portions and including various nutritious ingredients, your body gets the right nutrients.

Plus, reducing single-use plastic and packaging waste from takeout helps minimise our environmental footprint. Opting for reusable containers contributes to a cleaner planet. Moreover, repurposing leftovers and avoiding food waste saves money.

By creatively using what you have, you stretch your grocery budget and reduce waste. Finally, sharing recipes and meal ideas fosters social connections and builds a supportive community around homecooked goodness, enriching your social life.

In line with the campaign's objectives, MyResipi has organised the Projek Mangkuk Tingkat competition, offering exciting weekly prizes for you to bring home

Image via My Resipi

Malaysians are invited to share their favourite recipes and photos of their creatively packed meals in the comments section of the designated video on the MyResipi Facebook page.

Here's how to participate:

STEP 1: Visit the MyResipi Facebook page and look for the dedicated video post announcing the contest
STEP 2: Share the names of your menus and photos of your creatively decorated food boxes in the comments section

Every week throughout the campaign, one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a special Le Nona set worth RM1,234! :O

Image via My Resipi

The prizes include the elegant Italian Bloom Dinnerware Set, which two lucky winners will get to bring home. Additionally, two more winners will receive the beautiful Jumbo Rose Wok Set.

Be part of a positive change and don't miss the opportunity to bring home beautiful Le Nona cookware sets!

Follow the MyResipi Facebook page for contest details and recipe inspirations.

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