Man Makes 'Tunnel' To The Outdoors So His Cats Can Get Fresh Air Without Going Missing

He spent a total of RM4,000 to RM5,000 to build the entire 'tunnel'.

Cover image via @amri.isa.001 (TikTok)

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A guy has come up with a solution to let his cats out of the house without them going missing or getting run over by cars

With the help of his friend, who works as a contractor, Amri Isa DIY-ed a 'tunnel' with different levels attached to the side of his home, allowing his feline friends to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and sun.

The 'tunnel', also referred to as a catio, is connected to a bedroom that's solely for all of his cats, located on the top floor of his house.

When someone asked how he deals with the cat poop within the 'tunnel', Amri replied that his cats are well behaved so far and usually relieve themselves in their litter boxes in the room. 

However, he can just wash the 'tunnel' down with a hose from the outside if needed.

In a separate video, the cats can even be seen chilling in the catio's shaded, dry areas while it rained.

Amri shared that he spent approximately RM4,000 to RM5,000 on the entire setup for the stray cats he has rescued

He revealed that the cats' room has three automatic litter boxes, one regular litter box, an air-conditioning unit for when the weather gets too hot, a fan, and cat climbing frames and bridges on the walls for his pets to climb or rest on.

The three automatic litter boxes alone cost him around RM2,500.

Amri, who appears to have at least 10 or more cats, also disclosed that he spends around RM500 on food for them every week.

You can watch videos of the catio and cat room here:


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