[PHOTOS] This Rescued Oyen Is A Posing Pro & Crowd Magnet At A Night Market In Thailand

Stylish and full of swagger.

Cover image via DOGGY STEP (Facebook)

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At a bustling night market in Thailand, an oyen named Je Phil (เจ๊ฟิล) with a natural flair for posing has everyone pawsitively captivated

Je Phil, whose name in Thai translates to "Madam Phil" or "Boss Phil," is a crowd magnet at Doggy Step, a pet supplier store located in Ozone One Market near Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

And who would be surprised? Je Phil is literally purring with swagger.

Living up to his name, Je Phil is the epitome of a boss, with his striking orange fur and majestic poses

Rescued from the streets of Bangkok by a devoted animal rescuer, Je Phil has transformed the store into his personal catwalk

Je Phil's dad often shares videos of the cat completely dripped out in adorable costumes on his TikTok and Facebook accounts

From confidently staring down the camera dressed like Thai royalty to donning cute heart-shaped sunglasses in chef attire, there's literally no outfit or pose that Je Phil can't pull off!

If you're ever prowling through Ozone One Market in Bangkok, keep a lookout for this fabulous feline

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