KL Baker Sells Adorable Cakes For RM5 So Those In Need Can Still Enjoy Birthdays

You can even purchase cakes on behalf of those who are struggling financially so others can just walk in and claim a free cake for themselves.

Cover image via Bakeries Baker (Facebook)

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A baker in Kuala Lumpur recently garnered the attention of netizens after she announced an initiative at her bakery that is meant for those struggling financially just so they can find some joy in celebrating birthdays

During an interview with SAYS, the owner of Bakeries Baker n Pastries in Cheras revealed that she started selling birthday cakes for RM5.30 when a regular customer reached out to her while dealing with financial constraints.

Nur Rasziah Fhasyarini Sharolanuar, also known as Fasha, said, "Since the start of Movement Control Order 3.0, I started selling cakes for RM5.30 because a regular customer suddenly asked for just one cupcake. She said that she wanted to make it herself, but the ingredients were expensive and her husband was laid off from work. I didn't have the heart to make just one cupcake."

The owner of Bakeries Baker n Pastries, Nur Rasziah Fhasyarini Sharolanuar, along with her husband.

Image via Nur Rasziah Fhasyarini Sharolanuar (Provided to SAYS)

"So I made her one birthday cake. When the cake was done, she asked me how much the cake was and I said that she could pay whatever she wanted. The customer gave me RM5.30 and another RM5 for the delivery runner. That was all she could afford. From there, I thought of selling cakes for RM5.30, which are big enough for entire families to enjoy," she added.

In a Facebook post recollecting her conversation with the customer, she mentioned that the woman meant to buy a cupcake for her child who was really craving the dessert. Fasha also noted that her cheapest cake would usually cost RM30.

The post went viral and garnered over 1,900 shares and 4,200 likes.

Hri ni saje bosan2 sblm tido,nak throwback pasal kek Rm5.30 ni.. Hri tu ade sorg customer ni,Regular...

Posted by Bakeries Baker on Thursday, July 22, 2021

The RM5.30 cakes come complete with colourful buttercream frosting as well as fun cake toppers

They are 4" in size and Fasha told SAYS that a single cake can be split into six servings.

Customers are given the opportunity to choose between vanilla or chocolate for the flavour of the cake, but the design will be determined randomly.

Meanwhile, customers can also request for custom names to be written on the cake but it is limited to a maximum of 10 letters.

Since she kicked off the promotion, Fasha revealed that she has been getting up to 900 orders a day

However, she caps her orders at only 100 cakes daily and the other orders will be carried forward to the following day.

Besides that, some people have also reached out to purchase cakes on behalf of those who are in financial difficulty. Those struggling can then just walk in and claim a free cake for themselves.

Those interested to purchase baked goods or contribute to Fasha's cause may reach out to her through Facebook or by phone at +6012-2555583. 

Alhamdulillah... ade beberapa hamba Allah menginfakkan kek befday PKP untuk golongan asnaf dan yg tidak...

Posted by Bakeries Baker on Saturday, July 24, 2021

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