"I Get To Prioritise My Kid" — Full-Time Mum Shares Her Experience As A Delivery Driver

Amelie has been working as a part-time delivery driver for two years now.

Cover image via Lalamove (Provided to SAYS)

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Meet Amelie, a mother who left her full-time job during the pandemic to care for her daughter

Her husband earns enough for the household, which led Amelie to become a full-time homemaker to care for their daughter. However, the couple has always wanted to provide more for their daughter.

"We always dream of a better future for our baby. A better future means a more solid income, but it also means we have to do more to chase that dream," she said, adding that financial stability is especially important to her.

While considering looking for a flexible part-time job, Amelie recalled hearing about Lalamove from TV ads, and thought that signing up as a delivery partner with the logistics company was worth a shot

"I visited their website and decided to sign up as their delivery partner and give it a few tries to make money. I mean, if the job didn't suit me, I could just drop the whole thing, right?" she said.

However, Amelie's husband had reservations. It took him some convincing before he finally agreed to it, with the assurance that Amelie would only have a go at it first and be careful when on the road.

Fast forward two years later, Amelie is still delivering with Lalamove with her 4x4 pickup, and shows no signs of stopping.

When asked about the best part of working with Lalamove, Amelie shared that it's the flexible working hours

As a full-time mother, spending time and caring for her daughter is a priority — and working with Lalamove allows her to do just that.  

"The best thing about working for Lalamove is that I can choose my working hours by prioritising my daughter. Normally, I'd accept delivery jobs after sending my daughter to daycare. I'd ensure I finish the delivery on time to pick her up at daycare in the afternoon," she shared.

Other job benefits Amelie enjoy include weekly payouts and insurance coverage.

"And let's not forget some of Lalamove's customers have a big heart for tipping!" she added.

However, like every other job, being a Lalamove delivery driver has its own set of challenges too. For Amelie, it's when she has to carry heavy items all by herself.

That being said, Amelie goofily shared that caring for her daughter is way more tiring than carrying items. 

"With deliveries, I'm expected to carry heavy items like a mini bar, bicycle, or coffee table, but the heavy lifting usually lasts a few minutes," she said, adding that there are times when customers would help her carry the items as well, making her job a lot easier.

If the delivery job is physically demanding, Amelie would consider not accepting it, and would inform her customers beforehand. To her, although the money may be good, it's important to know your limit. Even her husband always reminds her to be careful when lifting heavy items and driving on the road.

"The one thing that I always want to avoid is catching back pain from a delivery gone wrong. My daughter needs me more at home, so I must always be in good shape to be at
my best, whether at home or on the road," shared Amelie.

The highest Amelie has ever earned in a month with Lalamove is RM5,000, but she shared that getting that kind of figure requires a lot of hard work and effort

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Image via Lalamove (Provided to SAYS)

"Mind you, you have to put in the working hours and distance to accomplish this kind of income target! I am also fortunate enough to be added as a favourite Lalamove delivery partner by a few businesses. When I am a favourite delivery partner, getting repeat jobs from them is easier," she said.

Her advice, especially to women interested in becoming a Lalamove delivery driver, is to go for it.

"I know there are many women who are working for Lalamove with their cars and bikes. But if you're driving a van or pickup truck like me, you have to be mindful of the delivery jobs you choose since there will be some heavy lifting involved.

"But it's all worth it when you see the smiles on your customers` faces and the money you earn in your digital wallet at the end of the day," she said.

Becoming a Lalamove delivery driver lets you not only earn an income, but also be your own boss

Image via Lalamove

You'll get to work on your own time, which is especially great for those looking to pick up a gig. Other benefits of working with Lalamove include getting fuel discounts, F&B discounts, personal accident insurance, and vehicle maintenance discounts.

Here are the requirements to sign up as a Lalamove delivery partner:
- Own a motorcycle, car, van, 4x4 pickup, or lorry
- Be above 18 years of age with a valid driving license. Van or lorry drivers will require a GDL license.
- Own a smartphone

Want to earn even more? The job comes with special missions you can complete. Lalamove also rewards those who get their friends or family to sign up to become delivery partners.

You can head over to Lalamove's website to sign up or learn more

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