M'sian Baker Creates 'Basikal Lajak' Cake To Invite Public To Ponder About Road Safety

The baker, who regularly bakes for the royal families of Johor, took five hours to complete the creation.

Cover image via Provided to SAYS & Chef Ryan. (Facebook)

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A Malaysian baker has caught netizens' attention for baking a cake that is decked with a 'basikal lajak' (modified bicycle)

Sharing one of his latest customised cakes on Facebook last week, Chef Ryan unveiled the 'basikal lajak' cake, which has the word 'Awas' (caution) written on the bottom layer.

The cake also shows a boy riding the bicycle while performing a Superman pose, a common stunt performed by teenage joyriders.

"Congratulations to Sam Ke Ting over her release on bail," Ryan said, before adding, "On cakes, you're art; on roads, you're a tragedy."

Photos of the cake have since received over 1,900 likes on Facebook.

Speaking to SAYS, Ryan said the motivation behind the design is to spur members of the public to think about road safety

The 32-year-old baker from Johor said the 'basikal lajak' incident has received a lot of attention as of late, and the case is worth pondering about by the public.

"The most difficult thing about the making of this cake is how to present and express it... how not to touch on the issue of race and not hurt the family of the deceased," he said when contacted.

"Therefore, the concept is not very bold. I made the danger that 'basikal lajak' riders bring to other road users as the theme of the cake."

The baker with 11 years of experience said he took five hours to complete the creation

When asked about the price tag of the cake if he were to sell it, Ryan said he did not think about the price while making it because public discussion on the topic will be more valuable than the sale.

Ryan rarely bakes cakes that are related to current affairs. Most of the time, he bakes adorable cakes that feature cartoon characters or caricatures of the recipients of the cakes.

He also regularly bakes cakes for the royal families of Johor. He told SAYS that he has baked over 40 cakes for His Majesty's family.

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