This Talented Malaysian Home Baker Sells Gorgeous Saree Cakes With Exquisite Lace Designs

Too beautiful to eat!

Cover image via @sundribakesnbites (Instagram)

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A pioneer in saree & Indian-themed cakes, Sundri's Bakes & Bites is a homegrown business that specialises in personalised desserts that are truly one-of-a-kind

Sundri's Bakes & Bites has been baking realistic-looking saree cakes since their first one went viral in 2017. Over the years, they have expanded their business by organising baking lessons, such as basic baking classes, saree cake design classes, and even an icing class that took place online.

Their extravagant saree cake designs have intricate lace patterns, and are bedecked with handmade golden fondant jewellery

Sundri's signature saree designs are creatively decorated with colourful butter icing and fondant drape according to each customer's requests. A beautiful saree cake like these ones is priced at RM300 onwards (with a minimum of 1.5kg pure butter base).

Aside from their saree cakes, they create stunning bangle box gift cakes for bangle ceremonies. These traditional boxes are meticulously decorated with gold icing, and even have a clever cover that resembles a mirror! Just like the real thing, the 'bangles' resting inside the 'box' look ultra-realistic!

Bangle box cake.

Image via @sundribakesnbites (Instagram)

Besides Indian designs, they also make other designs as requested by their customers. Here's a pillow-shaped cake they made for a Muslim couple's solemnisation. It's a half-and-half cake of the groom's baju melayu on one side, and the bride's lace gown on the other. So cantik!

You can order personalised cakes in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Take a look at some of the cakes they made for previous customers:

Feather birthday cake.

Image via @sundribakesnbites (Instagram)

Rotating gravity globe cake.

Image via @sundribakesnbites (Instagram)

Galaxy skateboard cake.

Image via @sundribakesnbites (Instagram)

Golden chocolate globe cake.

Image via @sundribakesnbites (Instagram)

Tennis racquet cake.

Image via @sundribakesnbites (Instagram)

Each one is specially handmade with the utmost passion and a high level of imagination. 

Furthermore, they even customise cakes of popular fandoms and brands like football clubs, Harry Potter, BMW, and Rolex

Not to mention, they also make tiered cakes with pure butter icing and fresh flowers for weddings and other special occasions

Lastly, they have the cutest themed cupcake collections you can order if you don't need a huge cake

The creativity of Sundri's baker is astounding and beyond impressive. If you are looking for a unique cake for an upcoming celebration, do be sure to check out their business. You definitely won't be disappointed!

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