Survey Reveals Malaysian Mums' Top Concerns About Maternal Milk & Formula Powder For Kids

Is it safe to drink?

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Do you worry about whether your formula milk is authentic and safe? Well, now you can trace the full journey from source with Friso Gold TrackEasy.

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Times are changing for the better. While our parents perhaps didn't give too much thought to food safety, these days it's a key concern for many.

From source and process to our table and tummies, we want to know where our food came from, and how safe and nutritious it really is.

People all over the world are beginning to take more caution in understanding the source of their food, this includes maternal milk powder and formulated milk powder for children.

Studies have indicated that there is a rising global concern in food source transparency. Parents, particularly mums, expect brands to be more transparent in showing milk authenticity, safety, and quality of product.

In fact, a recent survey* on concerns and expectations that Malaysian mums have regarding formulated milk powder for children and maternal milk powder products revealed interesting findings.

*Survey conducted by theAsianparent between December 2019-February 2020.

Here's what we learned from the survey:

1. Mums feel information available on packaging is insufficient and want to know more

Statistics reveal:
- 96% want to know about the quality check process during food production
- 96% are concerned about the quality check process at the food source
- 92% want details on the types of quality control

2. Quality control, authenticity, and the quality check process are the top three things mums want to trace

73% of mums are seeking info on the types of quality control, 72% on the authenticity of product, and 71% over the quality check process at both the source and during the process.

3. Meanwhile, 91% state their key reason for seeking information is for reassurance that the product is safe to consume

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85% of respondents revealed they're looking for reassurance that the product is genuine, rather than an imitation. And 78% want confirmation that the quality of the product is assured.

4. Finally, 99% of mums say they would trust a brand more if products are good quality and pass stringent quality control processes

In response to these concerns, Friso is launching the first and only smart packaging innovation

TrackEasy Milk Traceability System allows parents to track the full journey of Frisomum Gold and Friso Gold, from the source to their home. That way mums and dads can be sure they’re delivering the best natural nutrition to their children.

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The smart packaging innovation consists of a QR code at the bottom of the 900g tins. By scanning the code, parents can track the full journey of their milk.

This begins by showing the Netherlands-owned farms, followed by milk collection, packaging, and final quality checks. From there, you get to see the export approval date and in-market port arrival date, before your tin of milk made it's way to you. 

Isn't that incredible? :O 

It's a great way to give parents peace of mind in the knowledge that the nutrition they give their children is truly safe, authentic, and high quality.

Food safety is so important and by providing full transparency of their quality control measures, Friso is definitely helping parents make informed decisions for their children's nutrition

There's even a virtual launch happening and it sounds so fun!

Hosted by Aishah Sinclair, you can learn more about this groundbreaking new TrackEasy Milk Traceability System, as well as take part in activities and win amazing prizes!

Take note of the details:
Location: Live stream on YouTube Live and Facebook Live
Time: 10pm
Date: 20 June 2020

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'Like' Friso Gold on Facebook and subscribe to the official YouTube channel to catch the virtual launch on Saturday, 20 June at 10pm!

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