Malaysian Mums Share Their Honest Thoughts On Friso Gold's Smart Packaging

"You know how paranoid a mum is if she doesn’t know the source of her child’s food!"

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Friso Gold® recently launched the TrackEasy smart packaging innovation on 20 June with a virtual event hosted by Aishah Sinclair

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The first and only smart packaging of its kind in Malaysia, TrackEasy allows parents to trace their child's milk from the source to the table by scanning a QR code at the bottom of 900g tins.

Upon scanning, parents are able to view the full journey of the milk, from Friso Gold's farms in the Netherlands, quality checks, collection, packaging, export date, and in-market port arrival date.

A survey conducted by Home Tester Club* revealed 98% of respondents agree Friso Gold's TrackEasy gives them greater confidence to use and recommend the brand

*Survey conducted between 3/3/20 and 15/4/20, whereby 270 members received and home tested Friso Gold with TrackEasy.

Here's what Malaysian mums are saying about TrackEasy:

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"Best of all, when I scanned Friso Gold TrackEasy QR Code, I get to know and walk through the whole process of how they produce Friso Gold. It does boost my confidence towards the product! You know how paranoid a mum is if she doesn’t know the source of her child’s food!"

- Lae Peng, mother of a three-year-old

"When I scanned Friso Gold TrackEasy QR Code, I love it. My daughter and I enjoy seeing the process of making Friso Gold together. We have no doubt about it ever since we watch it."

- Sarah, mother of a three-year-old

"When I scanned the Friso Gold TrackEasy QR Code, I watched how they produced and processed high quality nutritious children’s milk step-by-step! Friso Gold is fully imported from their own dairy farms in Holland. They are well packaged with protection lids, hygienic spoon rests, and accurate scoop guides. Helping me to make a perfect glass of milk every time. No wonder she loves it very much!"

- Hannah, mother of a two-year-old

"Bila saya imbaskan kod QR Friso Gold TrackEasy saya dapat mengetahui cara dan perjalanan susu Friso Gold sehingga sampai kepada pengguna. Saya jadi lebih yakin tentang produk kualiti yang dijanjikan Friso Gold."

("When I scan Friso Gold TrackEasy's QR Code, I learn more about the production method Friso Gold undergoes, right up till it reaches the user. I have more confidence about Friso Gold's promised product quality.")

- Wan Shaziani, mother of a two-year-old

Even experts in pediatric care are impressed by the Friso Gold TrackEasy feature

Dr Alexander Chan, a pediatrician at Putra Specialist Hospital Kajang, was recently introduced to TrackEasy.

"Having a QR code that allows me to scan and check for myself which farm the milk came from, when the milk was delivered to the factory, when the product was produced, and when the quality assurance checks were done; from grass to glass, it gives me the reassurance as a parent and even as a doctor to pick this product,” he says.

Why is food source transparency so important? Here's what Dr Alex says:

Friso Gold’s TrackEasy smart packaging innovation provides peace of mind, as parents have the assurance of product authenticity, safety, and quality

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But that's not all! Parents now also have the chance to win RM5,000 cash in the Friso Gold Mombassador search.

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Open to mothers with children between the ages of 1 to 6 years old, Friso Gold is rewarding 50 Malaysian mums with RM5,000 cash each, as well as Friso Gold products worth up to RM450. It's really easy to join and win.

Step 1: Purchase a tin of Friso Gold with TrackEasy from official stores on Shopee, Lazada, or available supermarkets.
Step 2: Scan the TrackEasy QR code and post a photo or video of your experience with TrackEasy, then add a caption explaining why you recommend it to other parents.
Step 3: Include the hashtags #FrisoGoldMombassador and #FrisoGoldTrackEasy. Then tag @frisogoldmy in your post.
Step 4: Ensure your post is set to Public!

Check out the full details and prize list here!

Interested to give it a try? Get a free sample of Friso Gold now!

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