Grandpa Makes Sign To Pick Up Correct Kid From School Because Face Masks Are Confusing

Too cute!

Cover image via Biony Bell Boonyuen/Facebook

An adorable grandpa has found an effective way to cope with Thailand's schools' precautionary measures during this pandemic

With students required to wear face masks, it's made things a little difficult for a Thai grandpa to spot his grandchild when picking her up from school.

What did he do? Make a signboard, of course!

Facebook user Biony Bell Boonyuen shared photos of the grandpa waiting with his makeshift signage and the child's nickname "Cake" written on it.

TheSmartLocal Thailand translated her post, which read, "The new normal. Finding your child is harder when they are all wearing face masks. This is how to pick the right child. How cute is this grandpa".

The post has been shared over 7,000 times since it was uploaded on 2 July.

The Internet couldn't help but appreciate the adorable moment

"So cute," one person commented, while others shared the same sentiment.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

While another felt inspired to make her own sign.

"That's very cute. I will bring a neon sign for my child tomorrow," a mother commented.

Image via Facebook

Too adorable! My heart. :')

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Check out the full post below:

Sporting grandpas are the best:

And so are supportive dads:

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