Malaysian Travellers Warn Tourists Of Scammers That Roam Around Italy & Vatican City

"Their goal is to get a peek inside your wallet and see what coloured notes you have with you," said the Malaysian.

Cover image via @ninicomei (TikTok)

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Holidays are always a time for fun and relaxation — but it doesn't mean that you can let your guard down, especially in a foreign country

Malaysian content creator Nini Comei recently shed light on incidents that occurred during her holiday in Italy. In a clip uploaded to her TikTok page, Nini and one of her travel buddies, Fathin Lola, pointed out the presence of multiple swindlers and scammers roaming the streets of popular tourist spots.

"The first thing they'll ask you is where you are from. When you give them attention, they will pass you a charm bracelet. After that, they will not let go of your hand even if you pull away," said Nini in the clip.

Nini also said how these scammers will look inside tourists' wallets to see what coloured banknotes they are carrying to determine the amount of money they have.

Showing a first-hand instance on camera, Nini managed to catch a moment of one of these swindlers taking money out of a tourist's wallet.

Nini's TikTok which caught first-hand moments of scammers in Italy.

Image via @ninicomei (TikTok)

"They will take the money out of your wallet with their hands until they are satisfied," explained Nini

Nini said that these people will often sweet talk their way through the situation, and only let someone go once they take an amount of money they are happy with.

"They will say things like, 'This is a gift for you because I love your people'," said Nini in reference to swindlers handing people charms or bracelets.

Adding her own thoughts on the matter, Fathin advised people to not pay these scammers attention, even though one might feel sorry for them.

"The important thing is, don't get scammed," the duo said as they ended the clip.

Fathin (left) and Nini (right) in the TikTok.

Image via @ninicomei (TikTok)

Shortly after posting the video of her experience in Italy, Nini shared a similar instance of scammers roaming the streets in Vatican City:

@ninicomei Replying to @Nini Comei Part 2 : Hati hati di Italy Kejadian kena pukau di Vatican City oleh kumpulan sama. Jangan friendly or baik sangat! Be safe guys! #travelwithninicomei #pukau #scammer #italy #vaticancity original sound - Nini Comei

At the time of writing, Nini's clip in Italy has attained about three million views and almost 200,000 likes

From people who travelled to other international countries like Egypt, to solo travellers that came across scammers alone, a plethora of Malaysians shared how they dealt with similar instances.

"My husband has experienced this while visiting the pyramids in Egypt. I know their tactics because I used to study in Egypt. When I scold those uncles (swindlers), they'd just ignore me," said one user.

Another user also stated how she would say her own prayers when travelling alone. Reading them along her journey, she stated that she prays to a higher power to keep her safe during her travels.

Speaking with SAYS, Nini expressed her hope that Malaysians will gain some insights from her experiences and become more vigilant about such situations when travelling abroad

When reflecting on her experiences abroad, Nini emphasised that Malaysians should adhere to several practices to ensure their safety.

"Firstly, don't be too friendly to others. I understand that Malaysians are known for being 'generous people' in these countries, but they will take advantage of us.

"Secondly, don't be reckless. A lot of people commented on my video asking why I didn't help others who I saw were encountering the scammers. There are a lot of reasons why I don't put my hand in that situation, as sometimes, they work as a team. If you help, you're done. They will ambush you — and safety comes first. One way I help others is by sharing the video to give awareness on the matter.

"Lastly, make sure you keep your belongings close to you," said Nini to SAYS.

If you're thinking about travelling overseas soon, make sure to prioritise your safety and watch out for any suspicious characters at all times.

Watch the full TikTok below:

@ninicomei Hati hati di Italy Kejadian kena pukau di depan colosseum berlaku depan mata nini. Jangan friendly or baik sangat! Be safe guys! #travelwithninicomei #pukau #scammer #italy #rome original sound - Nini Comei

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