Wanna Grow Your YouTube Channel? We Asked These Malaysian YouTubers To Share Some Secrets

"Believe in what you're making, because the audience can tell when you don't."

Cover image via @themingthing (Instagram) & @joannasohofficial (Instagram)

YouTube has certainly come a long way over the years. What was once simply a platform for random videos, has slowly become a viable career option.

Sure, YouTubers are able to earn quite a bit and they also become celebrities in their own right with huge fanbases. Just look at top YouTubers like PewDiePie, IISuperwomanII, and nigahiga - who wouldn't want to be like them?

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But while those are definitely awesome perks, it's not the main reason as to why people want to become YouTubers. At the end of the day, it's all about passion. YouTube has opened doors for those interested in areas such as media, videography, and content creation to express themselves in a whole new way!

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Anyone can become a YouTuber, but to be a popular and successful one is a whole different story.

In partnership with Samsung, we reached out to some local YouTubers to pick their brains on how to grow a YouTube channel. Here's what they had to say:

With over 528K subscribers at the time of writing, TheMingThing is one of the most popular local YouTube channels, known for their skits, short films, episodic series', and other comedy-based videos

TheMingThing was started and is still run by brothers, Ming Han (left) and Ming Yue (right).

Image via @themingthing (Instagram)

According to Ming Han, pinpointing their most popular video is tough, as their videos have a life of their own.

"They could blow up immediately or some of them suddenly go viral a year after we release them. To be honest, I can’t even tell which are the popular videos let alone tell you why they did so well. My best guess - they hit an audience’s heartstring at the right place and right time."

For him, the secret behind creating a great video lies in believing in what you're making, because the audience can tell when you don't

"There is a phrase in the industry that goes ‘content is king’ and I’ve expanded that into my ethic of video making. If the content, the story, and the message of the video is king - all the other elements like cameras, actors, lights, editing, VFX, they are the king’s subjects and should all serve the king. Everything around the story should always compliment the story."

With that in mind, technology should never be the thing holding you back from creating good content. Ming Han himself is testament to this, having started video making with his laptop back in 2011.

"Your modern-day smartphone is probably 10 times more capable than my equipment back then. You already have a better start than me so just start and make things happen! Haha."

Here are his tips on how to grow your YouTube channel:

1. Know the platform and how it works
"This is especially important these days when there's already so much content and platform algorithms trying to throttle views, exposure, etc."

2. Know your audience well
"Who do you want to make videos for? Who do you think will WANT to watch your videos? And most importantly - what would make it easier for them to find your videos and be attracted to them?"

3. Continually know what you want to make
"I use the word 'continually' because you'll definitely grow and change as you continue making videos. Make what your heart is closest to because it'll feel genuine. If it feels genuine, the audience will come naturally."

Meanwhile, Joanna Soh is one of the go-to local channels for fitness-related content, with 1.61 million subscribers at the time of writing

Her videos focus mainly on women, covering a variety of topics including recipes, fitness tips, and nutritional content. Out of all of these, her most popular videos are the ones focusing on ab exercises or beginner friendly workout routines.

"A lot of beginners do not have the confidence or knowledge to go to the gym, hence they rely on YouTube videos to start their fitness journey. That's why I do what I do - to cater to people who want to start their fitness journey from home."

Her advice on creating good videos is to not try to cover everything on your channel. Instead, you should know your strengths and what you want to focus on.

"(It's also important to) make your videos timeless. Even if someone watches your video 3 to 5 years down the road, it’s still information they can incorporate and use. Be authentic and genuine, because people can see that in your videos. The more videos you upload, the more your personality comes through."

Just like Ming Han, Joanna also thinks that content is king. While quality is important, at the end of the day, it's what's in your videos that matters most. When the content is attractive enough, people will come back for more, even if it's a short or simple video.

"(Having just) a smartphone is not an excuse to stop you from creating content. I personally started with a handycam. Focus on your content. Once you have an audience, you can start to upgrade to better lighting, visuals, and equipment."

Here are her tips on how to grow your YouTube channel:

1. Consistency is key
"Think of your channel like a TV program. If people like your video, they will come back for more. Be clear, for example: 'New video, every Monday'. Set a time, so your audience know when to expect a new video. Therefore, when Monday comes along, they will automatically go to your channel."

2. Your thumbnails are important
"There are so many videos on YouTube these days. That’s the first thing that will catch people’s attention. If you want to keep your channel look consistent, you should have a consistent thumbnail look as well: keep the font the same, same colour code, logo appearing. So when people see a lot of thumbnails on YouTube, they can immediately identify which videos are yours."

3. Engage and interact with your audience
"Once you create a video, that is when the communication starts. People will comment if they like your videos, they give feedback to you, tell you what the next topic should be. It’s a way to get closer to your audience so they have a relationship with you. It’s also a way to come up with new ideas and new content. The only way not to get stuck is to have constant engagement."

4. Address your audience's issues
"For my fitness videos, people are coming to me with real issues, whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or illnesses. Audiences want to feel like they're talking to a real person, and that you care about them. When you address their issues, you create a connection and it makes people want to stay loyal to your channel."

Being a YouTuber definitely isn't easy but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep working at it, especially if that's something you're passionate about!

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