KLIA2 Was 'Hijacked' By A Bunch Of Malaysians Dressed In Beachwear. Here's What Went Down

Some were even spotted lounging on a beach chair and wearing inflatable pool floats!

Cover image via @jobstreet_malaysia (Instagram)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by JobStreet.

If you happened to be at KLIA2 last Saturday, 17 December, you may have seen a group of Malaysians dressed head to toe in beachwear

Sporting floral shirts and sun hats, they looked as if they were chilling in the centre of KLIA2. Some were even spotted lounging on a beach chair and wearing inflatable pool floats! 

It seemed like this particular group of travellers were excited to head straight to the beach after their flight. Tak sabar la tu, hehe. ;D

As it turns out, this merry band of travellers was actually the team over at JobStreet, and they were in the midst of kicking off their SEEKBetter campaign

SEEKBetter aims to encourage Malaysians to seek better career opportunities. According to JobStreet, people spend about one-third of their lives working on average, that's about 90,000 hours over a lifetime. As many of our waking hours are spent working, it only makes sense that we should enjoy what we do, all while leading a productive and fulfilling lifestyle. 

That is precisely why JobStreet encourages you to 'seek better', which also includes finding a new job that makes you happy or seeking opportunities that will give you personal growth in your career. They affirm this by quoting, "The best vacation is a better job". :)

While at KLIA2, the JobStreet team managed to interview a few Malaysians about their current jobs, work-life balance, and their ideal vacation.

Watch the video below to see what they had to say:

Along with the SEEKBetter campaign, JobStreet also launched the 'OOTD Seek Better' social media contest. Up to 10 Malaysian participants stand to win RM1,000 each. :O

If you're travelling anytime from 17 December 2022 to 15 January 2023, you definitely need to try your luck with this contest, as it involves an outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) photo of you while you're away on vacation!

Here's what you have to do:  

STEP 1: Snap a photo of yourself with an OOTD photo during your vacation

STEP 2: Comment on the contest post on JobStreet Malaysia's Facebook page with your OOTD

STEP 3: Don't forget to include the hashtags #SEEKBetter #JobStreetMY and a caption on how you can SEEK Better with your job

The contest is open to residents of Malaysia and each participant is allowed multiple entries to boost their chances of winning, woohoo! Winners will be chosen based on their creativity by a panel of judges, and will be contacted by JobStreet by SEEK via Facebook. Prizes are non-transferable and non-convertible.

The social media contest is in line with JobStreet's goal to engage today's workforce to seek better jobs and in turn, lead better lives

As Malaysia's leading online employment platform by SEEK, the contest by JobStreet is also in line with their ongoing development from a website. The site matches candidates and employers with a career partner to help people better themselves by seeking better jobs or improving themselves professionally.

Planning to take part in the 'OOTD Seek Better’ contest? Hurry up and head over to JobStreet Malaysia's Facebook page to enter before it's too late!

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