"You Pay For Me Hor?" – Man Brags About His Wealth But Asks His Date To Foot Dinner Bill

Aside from bragging about his wealth, the woman also said that her date likened his looks to Hollywood celebrities.

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When it comes to meeting the person behind the dating profile you've been chatting with, you either get a real gem or a red flag.

Unfortunately for a Singaporean woman, she got the latter.

According to an anonymous confession posted on Facebook group, NUSWhispers, the exasperated woman relayed her frustrating experience when she went on a date with a guy she had matched with on Tinder.

The woman shared that she initially got on very well with the guy, which was why she agreed to meet up with him in person.

Much to her dismay, she revealed that the date went very poorly and she couldn't wait for it to end.

"Halfway through dinner, I was already counting down the time to go back home. It was hell."

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She went on to describe what her date did that made her want to quit the night altogether

During their time together, the woman revealed that the man continuously bragged about being wealthy and owning luxury watches and cars, even when she made it clear that she wasn't interested in topics like these.

He even chastised the woman for not recognising certain car models that he supposedly owned.

On top of that, she also revealed that he had no table manners and would shake his legs vigorously until the table would clatter, causing other diners to stare at them. He was also apparently rude to the service workers at the restaurant and never said "please" or "thank you".

The woman's date was also supposedly conceited and would liken his looks to Hollywood celebrities, such as Ryan Gosling, to which she vehemently disagreed.

"Please la, not even close. Ryan Gosling's eyes alone could beat your entire face."

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Things came to a head when it was time to pay for the dinner bill

Considering how openly wealthy he was, the Singaporean woman assumed that they would at least go dutch on the dinner bill.

However, she was appalled when her date asked her if she would be willing to foot the entire bill.

"So, are you paying for me today?" the man asked her. She wasn't sure if he meant it as a joke but she politely declined and requested that they split the bill.

After some hesitation, the man finally coughed up his share.

The woman revealed that after her horrible date, she ghosted the guy and advised her fellow counterparts to always trust their intuitions when they think something is wrong with their dates.

"Chances are the red flags will never go away. So just RUN!"

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