[VIDEO] Maybank's Moving CNY Film Showcases The Power Of Unspoken Words And Inclusivity

All it takes is a little bit of understanding and consideration!

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Chinese New Year is usually celebrated with the sound of firecrackers and the loud beats of the drums filling the air.

But this year, Maybank takes a different approach by presenting a touching Chinese New Year film titled Unspoken, dedicated to those with hearing disabilities.

This heartwarming story goes beyond the typical revelry, shedding light on the experiences of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) during the celebratory season.

Anchored on Maybank's core purpose of Humanising Financial Services, Unspoken will take you on a journey with Lim Bee Chin, a deaf girl, as she immerses herself in the grandeur of a Chinese New Year celebration. 

Watch the video below:

This powerful film is co-directed by Pan Wai Ling, a person with hearing impairments, who hopes to raise awareness about the diverse forms of communication that can bridge understanding between us all

Wai Ling, waiting for over two decades for an opportunity like this, said, "This film truly depicts how we, the deaf community, experience a celebration like Chinese New Year."

Co-director, Barney Chua, reinforces the significance of storytelling, noting that silence can be a powerful language.

With the short film Unspoken, they wish to give a voice to the unheard and hope it serves as a reminder that true inclusion begins with understanding and embracing our differences.

Lim Bee Chin, in her acting debut, articulates her hope for the film, urging people to learn simple sign language to communicate with the deaf community

Her desire is for the deaf to feel not alone but safe, surrounded by individuals who can support them in times of need.

The film underlines the importance of meaningful communication between able and deaf individuals within families, friendships, and workplaces.

Maybank's commitment to uplifting underserved communities, especially PwDs, extends beyond the film

Maybank has created a work placement programme, aligned with the bank's disability inclusion strategy, which provides career development opportunities for PwDs.

Trainees in the programme will be equipped with hands-on life skills, working exposure, and training to enhance their skills, confidence, and employability, for a period of eight months.

To date, Maybank has welcomed close to 100 PwD trainees and aims to expand their work placement programme regionally in Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, as well as in the Philippines. The initiative also aligns with Maybank's ongoing efforts to accelerate financial inclusion in Southeast Asia.

Ultimately, Maybank believes that every voice, spoken or unspoken, deserves to be heard and valued.

From the bottom of their heart, they wish all Malaysians, especially the PwD community a Happy Chinese New Year! <3

Visit Maybank's website to learn more about their work placement programme.

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