We Went To Every Haunted House At Nights Of Fright In Sunway Lagoon. Here's What To Expect

Brace yourself for spine-chilling scares that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs!

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ICYMI, Nights Of Fright 9 is happening from now until the end of October at Sunway Lagoon!

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Once a year, like clockwork, Sunway Lagoon undergoes a transformation, turning into a spine-chilling and eerie realm in the month of October in celebration of Halloween.

For those who love to revel in all things horror or savour the exhilarating sensation of being spooked, like me, this month-long frightful event is an absolute must-visit!

This year's captivating theme, 'Fields of Fear', will make you confront the very essence of your deepest fears. 

SAYS had the incredible opportunity to be among the first to walk through this haunted attraction, and the experience was undeniably frightening!

Here's how it went down for us at Nights Of Fright 9:

1. As you step into the haunted theme park, you'll be greeted by all kinds of horrifying, dead, and creepy creatures, as well as ghosts and killers

I was genuinely impressed by the amount of eerie characters present at the event. You can easily identify iconic characters such as Valak from The Nun, Pennywise from It, Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, Emily from Corpse Bride, and a host of others. What's truly remarkable is that each of them remained in character, with some even performing tricks. It's as if you've been transported into a real-life movie set.

2. Next, we eagerly moved to the stairs near the main entrance to watch the stage performance, where we were treated to a mesmerising spectacle

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The stage came alive with eerie, puppet-like dancers who grooved to the rhythm of well-known TikTok songs.

3. The first haunted house we went to was Horrorwood Studios, a wax museum with popular Hollywood movie characters like Billy, Ghost Face, and more!

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As we walked through the eerie ambience, there were flashes of lights and swirls of smoke enveloping the wax museum in an unsettling atmosphere. You'll walk past plenty of lifelike wax figures, but don't be fooled by all of them, as a few of them are actually scare actors! Many of them, resembling actual characters, emerged from beside or behind us, plunging us into a gripping state of suspense. 

4. In The Legend Of Sweeney Todd, Barbershop Killer Of Fleet Street, we witnessed the murderous barber's gruesome act

This two-storey haunted house made us feel like we had been transported into a nightmarish world straight out of a classic tale of terror. The grim legend of Sweeney Todd and his sinister accomplice, Mrs Lovett, unfolded before our eyes. We watched the gruesome act of Sweeney Todd taking the life of his unfortunate victim right in front of us. Along the way, we could hear the cries of victims, desperately pleading for help. 

5. Right as we finished the Sweeney Todd attraction, we went straight into Madame Zhu's Noodle House in Hong Kong, where yet another murder took place

As we entered this restaurant, the beautiful setting initially masked the horrors that awaited. The ambience was soon shattered by a sense of dread. There were demented chefs running around, leaving a gruesome trail of butchery in every corner. The one question we had in our mind was whether we could escape this dining experience without becoming a dish ourselves.

6. Next on the agenda was Animalium, which is a toxic wasteland where humans have morphed into 'Humanimal' creatures

We had sensory overload walking in this haunted house as we could practically smell the toxicity in the air. All of us had to hold onto a rope during the walk to make sure we didn't get lost. The walk felt like it wouldn't end. There were jumpscares from scary creatures, who were a fusion of humans and animals.

7. We saved the best for last: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre haunted house, which sent shivers down our spine and left us thoroughly terrified

If you've ever witnessed the gruesome spectacle of this iconic movie, then experiencing it live at NOF9 is an absolute must! There was a conveyor belt that showcased the gruesome remains of Leatherface's victims and, oh, the deafening sound of the machine saw was so terrifyingly loud that it had me screaming in sheer terror!

8. If haunted houses and creepy creatures are too scary for you, fret not. You can still have lots of fun at Nights of Fright 9 'cause most of the rides are open at night!

We went on Grand Canyon River Rapids, where you go on a bumpy ride on swirling waters through dark, lush tropical greenery. And, we ended the night on Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster, which was just the adrenaline rush we needed before heading home.

From the roller coaster, we also caught a glimpse of a rave party near the main stage, where all the ghosts, creatures, and killers were grooving to the music.

All in all, Nights Of Frights 9 is definitely worth the visit and you won't be disappointed with the immersive experience you'll get out of the night.

So, make sure to bring along your family and friends to the most exciting Halloween event!

Nights of Frights 9 happens every Friday to Sunday until 31 October 2023! 

Find out more information about the event here.

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