NIVEA Has A New Serum That Reduces Dark Spots & Fine Lines, And Increases Skin Luminosity

It contains a concentration of LUMUNIOUS630, combined with cell-activating hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

Cover image via NIVEA Malaysia (YouTube) & Nota Kata

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Launched in a livestream event on 20 May, NIVEA has just released their latest product — the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 AntiDark-Spot Serum

The new serum not only contains a concentration of LUMUNIOUS630 to reduce deep dark spots, but is also combined with cell-activating hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to reduce fine lines and increase skin luminosity in just four weeks without harming skin*.

But, what are dark spots anyway?

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Deep-rooted dark spots on the face are actually caused by unbalanced melanin production. Melanin is a natural pigment in our skin, responsible for our skin colour.

However, various factors such as sun exposure, aging, hormonal imbalance, and even acne, can over-excite the production of this pigment. This can result in it accumulating under the skin, becoming visible as dark spots on the skin and causing an uneven skin tone, hence the term 'pigmentation'.

After 11 years of meticulous research and filtering through 50,000 compounds, NIVEA discovered its patented ingredient, LUMINOUS630

Image via Nota Kata

It is a safe-to-use and effective anti-spot ingredient that works to treat and prevent dark spots with a dual action.

It acts on existing pigmentation to lighten dark spots and reduce their size, as well as balances new melanin production to prevent the appearance of new dark spots.

In addition to LUMINOUS630, the new NIVEA LUMINOUS630 AntiDark-Spot Serum also contains hyaluronic acid, which stimulates cells to produce their own hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

NIVEA performed clinical studies on the LUMINOUS630 AntiDark-Spot Serum and recorded the skin results of Malaysian women in 2021 after a period of four weeks

In just four weeks, 67% of dark spots were visibly lightened, 66% of fine lines were visibly reduced, and the skin's luminosity was increased by 81%*.

Besides striving to make innovations work, NIVEA places equal priority on the safety of products on the skin, and LUMINOUS630 is no exception

After its discovery, the patented ingredient has undergone intensive testing procedures and rigorous safety evaluations, and has been proven to be mild and safe on skin cells.

Moreover, the LUMINOUS630 AntiDark-Spot Serum has been tried and tested by NIVEA's consumers, receiving outstanding feedback on its effectiveness*.

Priced at RM128 per bottle, the 30ml NIVEA LUMINOUS630 AntiDark-Spot Serum is now available at Watsons

To find out more about NIVEA LUMINOUS630 products, visit this website or check out this latest product video.

*Based on skin results of Malaysian women in 2021.

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