PETRONAS Wants To Jump Start Our Mornings With Their New On-The-Go Meals

They're readily available at over 450 PETRONAS stations in Malaysia.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by PETRONAS.

Living in a fast-paced world means carving time out for breakfast is a luxury most of us can't afford (speaking from experience)

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But skipping breakfast actually decelerates your productivity drastically. 

It's important to at least have a light snack before kickstarting your day, so you won't feel like taking a nap every 15 minutes ;P

PETRONAS has just introduced a new range of signature buns to their [email protected] breakfast menu. These Mesra Bites feature Malaysian favourites like sambal ikan bilis, sambal udang, kaya, and cheese sticks!

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It's a perfect grab-and-go breakfast if you're always on the move.

To get everyone into a healthy breakfast habit, [email protected] is also offering a new menu of affordable on-the-go breakfast combos featuring Mesra Bites buns and local Malaysian cuisines

This initiative by PETRONAS is to make a healthy breakfast readily available and affordable for everyone, to ensure a better lifestyle whether you're a working adult, stay-at-home parent, or still in school.

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Starting at just RM3, you'll have a variety choice of customised breakfast combo options to fuel your tank in the morning, if you catch our drift!

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Prepping breakfast for the little ones? Happy Bites combo is a perfect kids meal which includes a Mesra Bite bun with a serving of Chocolate Goodday Charge that'll easily keep them full till rehat time

For yourself? Try the Light Bites combo that comes with a Mesra Bites bun and a beverage. 

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However, if your stomach is extra grumbly, opt for the Big Bites combo that serves you a local delicacy main dish, along with a warm cuppa coffee, cold Nescafe canned drink or Milo, that'll surely fill up any big appetite.

Serving breakfast with a side of convenience, you can easily get these breakfast combos at almost 450 PETRONAS Stations with Kedai Mesra in Malaysia

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Ramadan meals have also never been easier!

Mesra Bites is an easy speedy choice for when you're rushing in the wee hours of the morning.

It's also a great iftar snack to alas perut when Malaysian rush-hour traffic is keeping you from the dinner table. #thestruggleisreal

Let's all drive a healthier habit and fuel-charge our mornings with PETRONAS to ensure our mind and body performs at an optimal level!

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