Photographer Takes Cinematic Pics Of Malaysia That Look Like Scenes Out Of Studio Ghibli

It's like stepping into the magical world of Ghibli itself.

Cover image via @rafiqsfarhan (TikTok)

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It takes a keen eye to pause and truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and once again, a Malaysian photographer has skilfully achieved this with these captivating shots

Capturing Malaysia in a manner reminiscent of scenes from Studio Ghibli films, Rafiq Farhan unveils a perspective that is both enchanting and dreamy

Hailing from Pahang, Rafiq is a freelance photographer who consistently injects a distinctive flair into his portrayals of Malaysia, which he generously shares across his social media accounts.

He revealed to SAYS that the majority of these stunning photos were captured in Northern Malaysia, Pahang, and the East Coast of Johor.

As Ghibli fans, we can't help but be entranced by the landscapes and details in these images

It's like stepping into the magical world of Ghibli itself.

Rafiq previously shared with SAYS that he often spends his time looking for elements in nature that stand out

Raised in the rural landscapes of Pahang, he was frequently surrounded by waterfalls, a experience that sparked his inspiration to specialise in commercial and outdoor lifestyle photography since 2016.

His recent images, amassing over 105,900 likes on TikTok, have garnered praise from fellow Ghibli fans

"I didn't know Malaysia has Ghibli vibes. These are fantastic pictures taken from artistic eyes," commented one user.

Another wrote, "Life is truly different when you look at it from a different perspective. As a Ghibli fan, this made me appreciate our nature more."

"Vibe, Ghibli. Preset, Wes Anderson," wrote one person, drawing parallels between the distinctive visual style characterised by Wes Anderson films as well.

Check out more of his work on Instagram and TikTok.

Rafiq also previously went viral when he shared these images:

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