[POLL] Are You Wasting As Much Electricity As Everyone Else In Malaysia?

Time to be as energy efficient as possible!

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We all know how important it is to be energy efficient at home

Not only do you save money on your monthly bill, it also reduces your carbon footprint, which helps conserve the environment.

But while most Malaysians understand the importance of energy efficiency, how many are actually taking steps to limit their electricity usage?

Take this poll to find out if your energy consumption is the same as everyone else:

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So, are your electricity habits the same as everyone else? Or do you stand out for the wrong reasons?

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Tenaga Nasional has come up with bright ways to save energy so you can cut down on your electricity bill:

  • Washing machines consume a lot of energy so be sure to only wash full loads
  • Clean your air con filter regularly to ensure it runs efficiently
  • Use energy saving light bulbs that last longer
  • Fill your kettle to the max level then store your boiled water in a flask so you don't have to keep reboiling it
  • Choose 5-star appliances to reduce your energy consumption
  • Computers and laptops continue using energy even on standby mode, so shut down when not in use
  • Use timers on your outdoor lights so they automatically switch off in the morning
  • Set your air con between 23-25 degrees to stay cool
Want more? Get more tips from these cute energy cadets:

Saving energy means saving money! Calculate how much energy you're using at home here.

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