My 88-Year-Old Grandma Refused To Give Up And Sacrificed To Give Us What We Have Today

Ah ma, we love you! <3

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We all have a special woman who has left a mark in our lives.

For me, seeing my 88-year-old grandma overcome life challenges again and again has always inspired me to be strong.

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My grandma didn't always have it easy growing up. She wasn't from a well-to-do family, so she never got to go to school, but had to help take care of her siblings at home. Even at a young age, she struggled with respiratory problems, so she could never go outside and be too active.

Nevertheless, she learnt how to read and write on her own at home. She also picked up various skills at home like making authentic Nyonya kuih, paos, and other special dishes from scratch.

When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother had to work night and day to pay off debts and provide for the family financially

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My grandfather passed away because of heart attack at quite a young age, and left the family with a huge amount of debt. So throughout the years my dad was growing up, my grandma would wake up at 5am every day to start making kuih and food to sell. My dad and his siblings would also have to help to deliver the kuih and food on the way to school.

In the afternoons and evenings, my grandma would go to neighbour's homes to help clean and babysit. At one point, she even became a confinement lady to earn enough money to clear the debts.

While they didn't have a lot, my grandma made sure the family stuck together through it all. She managed to send my dad and his siblings to university, and all of them turned out to have great careers and families.

She kept working well into her seventies, but then she got sick and couldn't move about as freely any more. Even then, she always stays positive and tries to do whatever she can.

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My grandma kept making kuih up until she was 72 years old, but she had a major fall one day and hurt her hip. That's why her movement is slower these days and she needs to walk with a tongkat nowadays.

However, despite these challenges, she continues to be strong and positive. What I love most about my grandmother is how she brings the whole family together - she's the glue to our family. Even up until today, it's become a tradition to have lunch at grandma's house every Saturday. Thanks to her sacrifice, our family is as strong as ever and gets to enjoy what we have today.

Can you think of a special woman who has deeply impacted your life as well? Maybe it's time for you to share her story too!

I'm sure that each of us has had at least one special woman who touched our lives. It could be our mum, grandma, teacher in school, or even mentor in the workplace. We wouldn't be who we are today if not for them. I know I wouldn't have such a love for food and cooking if it weren't for my ah ma! ;P

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