Stand A Chance To Win Prizes Worth Almost RM100,000 With Simpan SSPN This CNY

Wah, just save and can win a 50" 4K Smart TV? Onz!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by PTPTN.

Saving for your child's future education is extremely important, which is why having a savings account is a great start

You can also enjoy many other benefits when you decide to save for your child's future with a financial institution. For instance, with Simpan SSPN, a savings scheme created by PTPTN (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional), you, as the depositor, will be able to enjoy competitive dividends and tax relief up to RM8,000 per year. This is awesome news if you're looking to grow your child or beneficiary's future savings.

Having a Simpan SSPN account means that your child's savings are also guaranteed by the government, and the depositors will also get takaful coverage on top of other benefits. It also makes it easier for your children's PTPTN loan application process as applicants need to have a Simpan SSPN account. 

The best thing about Simpan SSPN is that they hold campaigns and draws for Simpan SSPN account holders, so you'll never know what's in store for you! Pretty awesome, right? (;

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Feeling lucky this Chinese New Year? Well, get ready because PTPTN has got something awesome up their sleeves this festive season!

Celebrating the spirit of harmony and unity among Malaysians, PTPTN wants to put a smile on everyone's faces by giving you a chance to win a big ang pow. From 15 January to 15 February 2022, PTPTN is holding their Gong Xi Ang Pow 2022 campaign, where you can stand to win prizes worth almost RM100,000, waaaah!

With a tagline that says 'Gong Xi Simpan, Kongsi Ong, Hari-Hari Mesti Mau Simpan Tau!', PTPTN wants to remind everyone about the importance of saving, and if you're lucky this year, you could walk away with these prizes:

First Prize: 50" 4K Smart TV (One winner x 14 states)
Second Prize: Pressure Cooker (One winner x 14 states)
Third Prize: Folding Bike (One winner x 14 states)
Consolation Prize: Ang Pow worth RM388 (Five winners x 14 states)

Sooo, join this campaign and stand a chance to bring home these awesome prizes. Here's what you gotta do:

STEP 1: Open a savings account with Simpan SSPN. If you already have an account, just top up your savings during the campaign period.

STEP 2: Each net savings of RM50 is equivalent to one draw. There is no limit to the number of draws.

STEP 3: You need to ensure that the account remains active and does not make withdrawals during the retention period from 16 February to 31 March 2022.

STEP 4: If you win a prize, you'll be notified via letter, email, phone call, or other appropriate delivery method. The names of the winners will also be displayed on the official PTPTN portal, so keep your eyes peeled!

There are also some dos and don'ts that you gotta adhere to if you wanna take part in this campaign as well

Just remember, this campaign is only open to Simpan SSPN savings account depositors, so if you don't have an account yet, whatchu waiting for?! Hurry up and register for a Simpan SSPN account now!

If you wanna find out more, just click here to download the terms and conditions. :D

All in all, Simpan SSPN savings accounts have some pretty good benefits

From awesome dividends to government-guaranteed savings, you can rest assured that your money is growing in the right place. And what better time to start your Simpan SSPN savings account than now, so you can be in the running for some really cool prizes? Wah, save and win, we like the sound of that!

Don't forget to kongsi the 'ong' with your friends and family, and remind them to join this amazing campaign too! :p

Ready to save and win this CNY with PTPTN's Gong Xi Ang Pow 2022 campaign?

Just head over to this website to find out more and get started!

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