10 Reasons You Should Book Your Flight Tickets Right Now To Travel

Your dream holiday awaits!

Cover image via Simon Migaj (Unsplash)

1. Save money by travelling during shoulder season

As the period in between peak and off-season, everything is usually cheaper during shoulder season because not as many people travel during this time. Save on flights and accommodation, look out for deals on things to do while you're there, and you might even be able to enjoy food at cheaper prices!

2. Take advantage of the fact that there's no school holidays

There'll already be fewer crowds since it's shoulder season, and since there usually aren't any school holidays around this time, families will be less likely to travel too. This means that you'll get to take advantage of the lack of crowds and shorter lines, especially at popular tourist attractions and theme parks.

3. Enjoy the beautifully mild weather conditions

Travelling now means that you'll get to see gorgeous Autumn views of trees covered in red and gold leaves. Just imagine how pretty all your Instagram photos will look! Plus, it'll be just the right temperature as well, not too hot or cold.

Meanwhile, the monsoon season will be coming to an end in Asian countries, and Spring will be in full bloom in places like Australia and New Zealand.

4. And with that great weather, it's the perfect time to do outdoor activities

Go hiking, take a whale-watching cruise, or just take your time to walk around exploring a new city - the possibilities are endless! And best of all, you won't have to worry about extreme weather conditions ruining your fun.

5. Make sure to finish up your annual leave before the year ends

Don't let your leave go to waste, especially if you can't carry them forward to the following year. Take your leave now (before everyone else starts applying too!) and give yourself a well-deserved break after almost an entire year of working hard.

6. You should also use up your Enrich Miles before they expire

Whether it's Miles directly from airlines or lifestyles partners, make sure to check if yours are expiring soon. If you have enough to redeem for flight tickets, why not use them up on an awesome getaway? Your dream holiday awaits!

7. Check out all the different festivals and cultural events going on around this time

There's just so much going on around this time of year - from Diwali in India and Loi Krathong in Thailand, and of course let's not forget Halloween almost everywhere. No matter what destination you choose, there's sure to be something unique for you to experience.

8. The year is ending and it's time to stop putting off your travel plans

We always tell ourselves "next time lah", but the year's gonna be over before you know it, and do you really want it to end without checking off your travel goals? No more next time, it's time to stop postponing and book now!

9. Treat yourself, you deserve it! #YOLO

All year long, we work hard and stick to our budgets. But with the year ending soon, it's okay to let go and live a little, we all deserve to treat ourselves every now and again. And what better treat is there than with an amazing holiday?

Whether you go somewhere local or overseas, the important thing is that you're having fun, recharging yourself, and finishing off the year on a high.

10. Because Malaysia Airlines is having an awesome 10.10 sale from 10 to 18 October 2019 and flights are super affordable!

Fly now to your favourite destination from a RM159 one way, all-in fare. :)

Book your flights with Malaysia Airlines now! Happy holidays y'all! :D

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