Looking For A Less-Than-RM10 Lunch Option? Check Out Subway's New WOW Deals

Perfect for when you're looking for something cheap, quick, and yummy!

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Cheap. Quick. Yummy. Makan places that can hit this elusive trinity will no doubt win the top spot of the "Where to eat?" debate everyday.

If you're on the lookout for more places like these, you'll love Subway's latest promo. You can now choose from two tantalising ala carte 6-inch sandwiches for just RM8.50 each!

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Take your pick between the all-new Classic Beef Strips or the popular Chicken Slice (or both, we won't judge ;P)

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If you're going for the Classic Beef Strips, how about pairing it with the Parmesan Oregano bread, some lettuce, onions, jalapeños, capsicum, and Chipotle Southwest dressing?

Image via Subway

Here's a fun combo you can try for the Chicken Slice: Honey Oat bread with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and a drizzle of Ranch dressing!

Looks like deciding where to have lunch just got a whole lot easier! ;)

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Get more info on these awesome ala carte options here!

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