Want To Lead A Greener Lifestyle? Here Are 4 Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable

Help the environment and lower the cost of running your home at the same time.

Cover image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

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1. Consider renewable energy solutions such as solar panels

Homes with solar panel systems in Summerwood @ Jade Hills.

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

As people become more aware of the importance of living sustainably, solar panels are a means that many use to generate electricity, be it partially or completely.

A renewable and eco-friendly energy source, solar panels can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also lower the ambient temperature of your home.

Plus, they can actually help you save on your electricity bill! This is thanks to the Net Energy Metering Scheme introduced by the government. Through this programme, any excess energy generated by the solar panels during the day is exported back to the TNB grid as credit. The credits accumulated are then used to offset the electricity bills for each home.

2. Look into ways to save water, such as Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme (WEPLS) products or a Rainwater Harvesting System

A home with water efficient fixtures in Monarc @ Gamuda Gardens.

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Initiated by Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN), WEPLS labels on water products like taps, shower heads, and washing machines serve to inform you of their water efficiency rating using a three-star rating system.

One star indicates that the product is water efficient, two stars indicate that the product is highly water efficient, and three stars indicate that the product is the most water efficient as compared to other similar products in the market.

Just choosing to buy water efficient products can go a long way in helping you save water!

Besides that, you can also look into getting a Rainwater Harvesting System, which could help you save on your water consumption. Once rainwater is collected by the system, you can use it for a variety of things, including watering plants, landscaping, and outdoor washing.

3. Invest in heat reducing materials on roofs, designed to keep your house cooler

Homes with aluminium woven foil in Illaria @ Gamuda Gardens.

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and Aluminium Woven Foil are thermal insulating products for roofs — they reflect heat in the direction of their source and help reduce external heat from entering your home.

Plus, with heat not being transmitted from the outside to inside, your air-conditioning system will use less energy to cool down the house.

4. Something as simple as having double volume spaces and choosing the right kind of coating for your windows can go a long way

A home with a double volume living room in Mio Spring @ Gamuda Cove.

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

A double volume space basically means high ceilings and more windows, which means you'll have plenty of natural light streaming through. Combined with low emissivity (or low-e glass) coatings, you'll not only be better protected from harmful rays, but also be able to cut down on the energy needed to keep your home brightly lit.

This is because low-e glass is developed to minimise the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass, without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted.

In addition, solar control low-e coatings are designed to limit the amount of solar heat that enters. This will keep your home cooler, allowing you to use your AC less, thus saving energy.

All in all, sustainable homes help protect our environment, while ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

Taking that into account, the townships of Gamuda Land feature living spaces and buildings that check all the boxes to be sustainable.

Majestic Waterfall at Gamuda Gardens.

Image via Gamuda Land (Provided to SAYS)

Sustainable homes generally require less energy to maintain, which not only bodes well for the planet but for your savings accounts too.

Here are four benefits you can enjoy from Gamuda Land's homes:

Up to 52% energy savings*
By incorporating solar panels into homes, there is less dependency on traditional power grids, allowing for lower electricity bills.  

Up to 25% water savings*
Gamuda Land homes are equipped with WEPLS products, as well as a Rainwater Harvesting System to effectively reduce water usage.

Up to 75% heat gain reduction*
You won't need to turn on the AC as often, since Gamuda Land homes also feature designs and material like XPS insulation or aluminium woven foil in flat and pitched roofs. Additionally, homes at Gamuda Land feature low-e coated windows for a better-performing window glaze. Another plus point for your electricity bills!

Up to 85% natural sunlight*
With double volume building designs, more windows, and an internal courtyard, you'll get plenty of natural sunlight, so you can save energy as well.

Part of Gamuda Land's GROW campaign involves benefitting homeowners with sustainable financial solutions

Gamuda Land has recently teamed up with Public Bank to provide sustainable financing, which gives you cheaper interest rates on mortgage loans.

Through this, you'll also be able to get additional financing to buy home appliances with high energy efficiency ratings and other power-saving builds like solar panels.

Here's a closer look at Gamuda Land's sustainable financial solutions:
- Up to 100% financing*
- Lower interest rates from 3.45% only*
- Up to RM100k green loan for eco appliances and solar products*

Ready to own your new sustainable home? Visit Gamuda Land's website to discover townships, list of properties, and more on its GROW campaign!

You can also stand a chance to win eco-friendly prizes worth up to RM300,000* in total!

*Terms and conditions apply. For selected properties only. 

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