Which Malaysian MP Are You? Find Out By Taking This Fun Quiz On The Lumi News App

Discover your Malaysian MP alter ego through a series of fun questions!

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As the year wraps up, local news aggregator app Lumi News has launched a witty personality quiz that lets you find out which Malaysian MP best resembles you

Image via Lumi News

The quiz is inspired by the popular MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality assessment, but with a local twist. Instead of the usual 16 personality types, you get to see which of the 16 most popular parliament members best resembles you. 

Ever wondered who your Malaysian MP alter ego is? Now you can find out more about our local MPs and their personalities by taking the quiz yourself.

The quiz is aptly named the Malaysian Parliament Type Indicator (MPTI) assessment, hehe. Plus, it's free and easy to take!

Image via Lumi News

All you have to do is answer eight short questions in English or Bahasa Malaysia, and you will get your MPTI result. You will also see a compatibility rating, a description of your personality type, and some fun facts about your MP match.

For example, if you are a creative and adventurous person, you might get Ahmad Maslan (Pontian) as your result. He is known as 'The Creative', and he likes to experiment with new ideas and unconventional methods.

Or, if you are a hardworking and dedicated person, you might get Anthony Loke (Seremban) as your result. He is known as 'The Workaholic', since he is always busy and productive.

All in all, the personality quiz features 16 MPs that you may most likely resemble:

Image via Lumi News

- Ahmad Maslan (Pontian): The Creative
- Anthony Loke (Seremban): The Workaholic
- Anwar Ibrahim (Tambun): The Big Boss
- Bung Moktar (Kinabatangan): The Loose Cannon
- Fadhlina Sidek (Nibong Tebal): The Motherly Advocate
- Hadi Awang (Marang): The Strategist
- Howard Lee (Ipoh Timor): The Maverick
- Johari Abdul (Dewan Speaker): The Guardian
- RSN Rayer (Jelutong): The Protector
- Sany Hamzan (Hulu Langat): The Instigator
- Shahidan Kassim (Arau): The Boomer Campaigner
- Syed Saddiq (Muar): The Lone Wolf
- Suhaimi Abdullah (Langkawi): The Conspiracy Theorist
- Teresa Kok (Seputeh): The Tough Cookie
- Wan Ahmad Fayhsal (Machang): The Mat Jargon
- Zahid Hamidi (Bagan Datuk): The Lucky Survivor

Judith Yeoh, CEO of Lumi News, said, "As the year comes to an end, we want to introduce a memorable way for Malaysians to have fun matching themselves with different personalities they're used to seeing in the Parliament"

Image via Lumi News

"Over the past year, Lumi News has grown to become a household name through the virality of our parliament videos on social media and I'm proud that the team has developed a quiz like this for greater engagement between Malaysians and the political scene!" she added.

Lumi News believes that staying informed about politics can be both educational and enjoyable, and their MPTI quiz adds another fun twist, allowing users to connect with Malaysian MPs in a lighthearted and relatable way.

"Our MPTI campaign is a celebration of the most bizarre moments that defined our political scene this year. It includes salient characteristics, famous quotes, articles, videos, as well as a personalised user experience with interactive features," added Lumi News Growth Marketing Manager, Fildzah Zulkifli.

"The MPTI quiz has everything you need to celebrate Lumi News' commitment to making serious content accessible while gaining some takeaways from the first full year of the MADANI administration," she continued.

Throughout the year, the Lumi News app has also rolled out new features to keep users engaged

Image via Lumi

The app has recently rolled out new features such as likes and comments, an all-new community tab, and unique user referral links with loyalty rewards. Users can also enjoy AI video summaries and AI News Brief, which provide quick and easy news updates.

The best part is, you get rewarded when you invite your friends to the Lumi News app! All you have to do is just share your referral link with your buddies and get them on the app. Hurry, the Lumi FTW Giveaway campaign ends this 31 December 2023.

Curious to know which MP are you? Take the quiz on the Lumi News app or on the Lumi News site to discover now!

You can find the Lumi News app by searching for 'Lumi News' on Google Play, App Store and HUAWEI AppGallery.

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