[PHOTOS] Take A Look Inside These Emotional Intelligence Kits Made Specially For Children

Someone should make one for adults too. :)

Cover image via The Nurts (Provided to SAYS)

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The Nurts, a leading provider of play-based learning tools, is collaborating with Studio E to launch Edu Kits for children

(from left) Erica Tham, CEO of Studio E by Ace Edventure Group of International Schools and Rachel Tan, Founder of The Nurts.

Image via The Nurts (Provided to SAYS)

The Nurts made headlines earlier this year after the release of their fun, parenting-themed card game that promoted learning, self-development, and positivity. Meanwhile, Studio E is the research and development arm of Ace Edventure Group of International Schools. 

Together, they've teamed up to launch Edu Kits that are designed to transform the learning experience for children.

The first kit focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EI), and is a testament to the commitments of both organisations to provide innovative and engaging educational tools for children.

"We are excited to introduce the Emotional Intelligence Edu Kit that aligns perfectly with our mission at The Nurts, which is to bridge the conventional learning gap by focusing on learning through play, as well as promote family bonding," said Rachel Tan, Founder of The Nurts.

By integrating play and family involvement, the Edu Kits create a dynamic learning environment that complements traditional educational approaches

"At Studio E, our mission is to translate educational research into practical tools. Collaborating with The Nurts allows us to bring our research on Emotional Intelligence to life, providing children with a unique and interactive learning experience that goes beyond traditional methods," said Erica Tham, CEO of Studio E by Ace Edventure Group of International Schools. 

"This collaboration is a significant step toward our goal of nurturing students to have real-world value," she added.

The first Edu Kit is a comprehensive package featuring 14 hands-on activities aimed at helping children develop critical EI skills during their formative years

The kit utilises engaging, fun, and interactive methods, including emotion flash cards, puppet play, games, stories, and activity worksheets.

Children will learn essential EI skills grounded in three core pillars:
1. Self: Self-awareness, perceiving emotions, self-regulation, and coping skills
2. Family: Practising gratitude and maintaining positive relationships
3. Friends: Empathy, activice listening, and social skills

Here's a closer look at what's in the kit:

The Emotional Intelligence Edu Kit is available for purchase at CzipLee Bangsar Village II, as well as on their official website

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