These 6 Super Fit Asian Mums Will Make You Say "Yes!" To Working Out Today

Because having kids should be a motivation, not an excuse =)

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The honest truth is that when you're a mum, 24 hours in a day just never seems to be enough

Between caring for the hubs and little ones, keeping the house in tip-top condition, and handling all the challenges at work, sometimes it's difficult trying to find a way to wedge in some workout plans in your hectic schedule.

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While that's perfectly understandable, here's a motivating thought: With some inspiration and a whole lot of determination, any busy mum could achieve their fitness goals!

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Because every power mama deserves a wholesome, well-balanced life after all ;)

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Need some #fitspiration? These badass women show us how it's done:

1. Bawse lady Dr Jezamine Lim

Followers of this beautiful mum's Instagram may remember a sneaky post husband Harith Iskander took off her dozing off in between meetings. The struggle is real - the jet-setting Jezamine is one busy lady, dividing her time between her role as a mum to three beautiful kids and Managing Director of Harith Iskander Productions, all the while pursuing a PhD in stem cells.

The best part? The ultra-fit mum makes sure there's space in her schedule to fit in some serious workouts - sometimes with the adorable kiddies included!

Keep up with the better half of the 'World's Funniest Person' on Instagram here.

2. Jane-of-all-trades Elaine Daly

Elaine's name is linked to a long list of inspiring titles - National Director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation, Director of online channel, award-winning actress, TV host, and qualified lawyer - but it's no secret that a devoted mother remains as her favourite achievement.

Despite her crazy schedule, the power mama doesn't let it hamper her fitness goals. The ever-glowing Elaine makes sure to allocate some time for a good workout, which range from running sessions, to a spot of yoga, to a jog in the park with stroller-bound baby Eva.

Find out just how Elaine Daly does it all on Instagram here.

3. Iconic TV personality Daphne Iking

The former broadcast journalist and anchorwoman - most remembered for hosting popular local shows like 'Ringgit Sense' and 'Bella' - currently has her schedule filled up with emceeing events and providing media training. While some may contemplate using the classic "No time!" excuse to skip the gym, the 38-year-old mother of three does all she can to include workouts in her weekly schedule.

Besides being a great role model for her children when it comes to fitness, Daphne is also passionate about charitable movements and her most recent involvement sees her combining her love for yoga with fund-raising for Teach For Malaysia.

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For your daily dose of inspiration, follow Daphne on Instagram here.

And it's not just the Malaysian mums that are totally rocking the well-balanced life. Check out these inspiring mums from all around Asia too:

4. Fitness guru Jung Da Yeon

Image via Jung Da Yeon

One glance at Jung Da Yeon and you would be forgiven for thinking she's in her 20s. In reality, the South Korean fitness guru is turning 50 this year! Affectionately known for her momjjang ajumma nickname - meaning "auntie with a striking body" - the mother of two is redefining what it means to age.

Image via Vita da Mamma

Almost a decade ago, the fitness queen decided that it was time to do something about her health and went on to lose a lot of weight and gained her confidence back. She is now a well-known health and fitness figure around the region, popular for her fitness books, workout videos and she even has a Wii game out!

Jung Da Yeon continues to inspire Malaysians as well, and made an appearance in KL a few years back for a workout session as part of BookFest Malaysia. You can grab a copy of her workout books at Popular outlets nationwide.

5. Gym queen Zhang Tingxuan

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This Taiwanese mother's penchant for working out earned her the nickname Gym Queen. While she can easily pass off as a teenager, the 45-year-old mum actually has a teenage son and a 10-year-old daughter. This may sound equally awkward and amazing but she's known to be mistaken for her son's girlfriend, instead of his mum.

Image via Surya Malang

The former housewife started gaining recognition when she lost 49 pounds through her self-choreographed aerobics workout. Believing that working out should be accessible anywhere and anytime, Zhang Tingxuan's idea resonated with a lot of women and she is now a familiar face on Chinese and Taiwanese TV.

Admirably, the fit mum is using her fame as a platform to inspire women to lose weight the healthy way - besides working out, she stresses the importance of eating right as well.

6. The eternally youthful Masako Mizutani

Masako (right) with her then 20-year-old daughter.

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Age certainly has a hard time catching up to the legendary Masako Mizutani, popularly referred to as "the lady of eternal youth" in Japan. Despite turning 49 this year, she does not look that much older than her daughter.

The radiant mum shares that she couples her workout routines with an extensive skincare routine to get that healthy glow. Masako is also a firm believer of taking small-portioned meals to aid the body with proper digestion, and her wholesome way of life is now an inspiring story that has been shared the world over!

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Keep up with Masako on Facebook here.

Inspired to start working on your fitness goals?

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